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Integrall Care: Spa-Quality Skincare for Men

Integrall Care

Didier Rase Laboratories launches Integrall®, a premium high performance men’s skin care product providing noticeable and lasting results, to meet the expectations of the most demanding men and instill the concept of excellence in the masculine cosmetology field.

Integrall® is a secret finally unveiled! Phyto-Androzyme® is a globally patented molecule discovered by Dider Rase and his team of researchers after several years of research on male hormonal skin aging and over a million euros’ worth of investment.

Enzymes (1-2-3) attach to testosterone (4) to degenerate it. Phyto-androzyme (5) comes between the two and plays the lure to protect the masculine hormone. The testosterone’s bio-availability is consequently preserved:

Enzyme Interplay

Excellent skincare

Integrall® offers the supreme luxury of an advanced formula capable of fighting andogene and exogene aging as well as providing the skin with tone and elasticity.

The vital innovation in this type of skincare results in the combination of:

  • a rare molecule: Phyto-Androzyme has an exceptional protective performance on testosterone;
  • a precious and fluid texture: a lotion formula made especially for rapid absorption by the skin without leaving an oily layer;
  • a quick and practical presentation, for an even dose with a simple and precise gesture. It’s the first facial spray emulsion that can be sprayed directly onto the face;
  • a unique, finely spiced fragrance, based on the perception of neuro-cosmetology, with an olfactive signature and proven therapeutic functions developed by a perfumer.
  • a glass protective bottle and luxury packaging, definitely simple and sophisticated.
Integrall After Shave

For men, one single beauty routine

Integrall® is a real multi-functional skin care product to be used after shaving, on the whole face, in order to solve every male skincare problem in one go.

Anti-aging: against hormonal skin aging

After-shave: reduces the razor’s heat and cools skin inflammations

Booster: energizes and stimulates cellular functions to keep skin looking young

Moisturizing: restructures and smooths tired features

Protection: protects skin from external damage

Integrall® shows original performance and visible results after 3 weeks of use!

Integrall® Spa Routine

Perfectly fitting our spa and institute skin care setting, Integrall® can also be applied at the end of any skin care regime with hormono-booster modeling. The results of any male skincare regime will be maximized and the skin enhanced thanks to the tone and vitality provided by Phyto-Androzyme.

We were able to try it in the sophisticated and cosy setting of the Cercle, the French-style well-being spa located at 12, rue Faubourg St Honore 75008 Paris, a few feet away from Madeleine and Concorde.

It’s quite an impressive skincare product, given how powerful its effects are. The face immediately reacts to the warming product and the exfoliating massage removes all of the dead skin and cools down over the subsequent massages and skincare treatments. It offers a very pleasing, gentle and calming moment.

A surprising luxury to discover; only €200 ($273 dollars) for the 100 ml bottle.

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