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Aline Ochoa – Autumn/Winter 2014/15



Aline Ochoa’s Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection is about hte woods that are on the brink of their seasonal decline. Full of colors that symbolize the energy of life, like red as the colour of blood, yellow as the color of the sun. Although we know it is hard to imagine when you are in a wood so coloured that in a short time everything will have gone to sleep.


It starts with pictures of leaves that are blast of colours. It is a blurred crazy dance of embracing and repelling them. It feels like the woods have one last blast before letting it all go. Left only is a peaceful space of naked trees that are sleeping, waiting and gathering energy for rejuvenation.


The result of this observation is a combination of dresses that ressucitates the memory of this experience, a constructed memory to hold the woman body. It is a colour requiem that holds this memory like a photograph of our past, giving a sophisticated and elegant wardrobe to women.