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Paris Saint-Germain and S.T. Dupont, two world-renowned French brands, share the same quest for excellence and authenticity. To reach the pinnacle of their artistry, these two symbols of the City of Lights have combined their expertise to achieve perfection. combining their unique expertise to create an exceptional fragrance.


Paris Saint-Germain and S.T. Dupont have always sought to inspire and bring together different generations of men through shared values: elegance, pride and respect. Strong symbols of a man’s world, these two groups have, since their beginnings , excelled in their respective arts, one in luxury, offering exceptional items to men of taste since 1872. the other in sports, bringing life to their Parc des Princes soccer field. While the unique work of S.T. Dupont’s craftsmen has won over the hearts of connoisseurs for many years with its sumptuous collections of lighters, pens, leather goods and accessories, Paris Saint-Germain’s players are conquering the entire world thanks to their soccer feats. The heroes of modern times, their aura goes well beyond the world of sports.

These two worlds, which express the quintessence of French style for men around the world, were made for each other. In addition to their exclusive line of pens, lighters and leather goods bearing the colours of Paris Saint-Germain, launched in 2013, S.T. Dupont and the French capital’s soccer team have risen to a new challenge, the creation of an exclusive Eau de Toilette and the Official Fragrance of the Paris Saint-Germain team.

Inspired by the intensity of sporting events, this eau de toilette exudes vibrant, powerful energy. With the very first spray, it leaves a fresh, yet naturally distinctive, assured scent on your skin. Created by Christophe Raynaud, its woody, spicy composition is a perfect blend of the energetic, refreshing touch of lemon, green aromatic notes and the sophisticated scent of trees. The slight note of fern, for its part, is resolutely masculine. An intense, naturally elegant fragrance for today’s distinguished gentleman looking for new challenges.

The bottle, a subtle balance between two legendary brands, combines the elegance of S.T. Dupont’s silver signature with Paris Saint-Germain’s colour code. The bottle is deep blue, translucent, and topped with a compact cap that symbolizes an alliance between chic and power.

The case, the texture is matte and feels like the PSG’s soccer shirt. It bears the Paris Saint-Germain logo (red, white and blue) and S.T. Dupont’s signature. The details are raised to highlight the unique nature of this eau de toilette.


The eau de toilette will available exclusively in PSG points of sale starting in May 2014, And for international will launch in september 2014.