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This year it is an 8 edition of Labo Ethnik. Labo Ethnik is all about multiculturalism, fashion, design, and life style. This fair was born for the very first time in the year of 2007, from the will of the founder, Yvette Tai-Coquillay.

During the event, young confirmed and creatives creators are benefiting from a platform where they can express themselves at the city of Paris, the capital city of fashion world. This trade-show is for professional buyers, journalists, prescribers as well as the individual customers.

This year the event is set down at Les Docks- Cite de la Mode & du Design. It is the place that dedicated to the meeting between brands, designers, creative industries, craftsmen, and the public. The space located on the docks bring new scene, energy, dynamic, and a whole new dimension to the Labo Ethnik.

And this year in order to meet the requirements of the high-end fashion, the Labo Ethnik is broadening its horizons with the arrival of the artistic director, Vincent McDoom. He brought the fresh and critic eyes to the Labo Ethnik trade-show and lead its to new refresh vision.

To discover, gather, and put forward, designers, stylists, artists, models in an unique location. Labo Ethnik is a space dedicated to creativity and discovery.