SHIATZY CHEN 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection: 織 間 Time


As the theme of 2021 AW collection, Creative Director Chen Tsai-Hsia focuses on the notion of TIME. Intoxicated by the beauty of clothes, she opens up a time portal fusing the idea and contour of Power Dressing popular around the ’70s, and powers through the tough time with conviction.

Since SHIATZY CHEN joined FHCM in 2008, we have twice participated in Paris Fashion Week via online fashion show due to the continued influence of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. This season, we further included a live fashion show in the ancient monument Guanyinshan Water Reservoir, where the mottled walls and dripping sounds intertwine, creating a mystical vibe of the past crossing into the present as the ancient monument is reopened. Models stride or pause along the timeline on the catwalk, inspiring the memory and warmth of the beautiful Oriental craftsmanship as the ancient monument crosses path with fashion, taking the audience on a journey to an unknown time and space, and exploring the moment frozen in time as we unveil the curtain to the SHIATZY CHEN 2021 AW collection.

This season, we see elegance mixed with rebellion across time. Stretched and gender-neutral looks matched with the heaviness of creased fabric and strong contrasting colors, demonstrating the connection between female power and clothes, and delivering a message transcending time and gender. The SHIATZY CHEN original artwork of anti-realistic surrealism blending the old with the new forms the base, free spirit hand drawings of clock hand, sand pendulum, and Sage Rose, known as the clock flower scattered throughout the theme. The eye that is the window into the soul and dream in the shape of heart aplenty, while the cloud, thunder, and doors traveling in time, on journeys through time and space. The overflowing symbols take form in burnt-out printing, jacquard, hand painting and embroidery, weaving the patterns of youth and vitality. The patterns exist not only on textiles, but materialize as accessories including the necklace, asymmetrical earrings, bracelet and waist chain. Still honoring the brand spirit of handmade clothing, we break away from the conventional Chinese impression, and challenge the existing framework with our definition of modern Oriental extravagance.

Unlike previous collections, this season we see a higher percentage of pants and pencil skirts in a clean-cut gender-neutral style. Lamb skin knee-length pants meet dashing knee-high boots, draped over with a male shirt, oversized coat, or long hooded casual top. Lace corset paired with vest and sheer net yarn top with embroidery, matching metallic accessories like choker and waist chain to illustrate a female impression that is both soft and forceful. The array of colors begins with the classic black and white fitted two-pieces, while the oversized vintage leg-of-mutton sleeve coat and flared long coat with overturned lapel come in SHIATZY CHEN iconic red. Hovering in the middle we have animated colors such as warm brown and royal blue, with lose-fitting short pants stretching out the shape of the leg. Finally, ending in a series of black and gold stripes, decorated with feathers and 3D lace, dashing straight pants or bold shoulder jacket, profiling a rock ‘n’ roll cool with romantic feminine silhouette.

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