Gerhard Friedl interview

Gerhard Friedl is an international supermodel, walking on the best shows and present on the best advertising campaigns, Lyn Jegher, our reporter in Milan interviewed him during Milan Menswear Fashion Week.

How did you get into modelling ?
I have been discovered by my agent kosmas pavlos, headbooker of Wienermodels, in the Subway in Vienna.
Whats the key to your beauty?
My beauty J, Cannot answer this question. You see… I´m still not convinced so much of my own beauty. Some people are and i am really grateful and flattered by it.
I know that i earn my money with my looks so I am aware that there is something that others find interesting…
Do you take time watching your diet and face creams?
I eat very healthy. Basically asian food.
Whats it like growing up in Austria, did you ever gain an interest for fashion (while growing up, following the trends or you make your own style?)
I grew up on the countryside of austria, in Carinthia, between mountains and forests.
So i had a very healthy and good childhood, but when you are getting older than you want to see a little bit more of the world so I decided to go to vienna when i was 19.
To be honest, I never thought about Fashion, but of course I had my own Style. Torn jeans, Pearl jam T-Shirt and long hair J
What strucked me in your look, is your resemblance to a young Bowie, have you ever felt the connection?
I really like his Music and the way he influenced the entire Music and art scene in the last 30 years. For me it is a honor to be compaired with him.
Whose Gerhard Fr., your passions, future outlooks and aspirations
Passions: Music, Literature, hiking.
For me listening to music, reading a good book or kiking in the Mountains, always had been a kind of healing.
I have many aspirations, but i will keep that private J
Looking your best has nothing to do with money, are you the party animal type or the book worm type?
Book worm type
Fave city in the world?
Vienna and Salzburg
What advice would you give to a starting model!
Just enjoy it, and don´t question yourself so much, like i did in the beginning.
Best photographer you’ve worked for?
Inez Lameswerde+ vinoodh matadin, mario testino, jean baptiste mondino
Fave designer and why?
Prada, Burburry, Gucci because their clothes look good and they are brave enough to have new ideas.
How does it feel to have gained soo much exposure in a short matter of time
At the beginning it was difficult to get accustomed to all this attention, but after a little bit time I got used to it.
I thank you and I LOVE MNGMT, for making it possible!
Best, Lyn Jegher

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