Vivienne Westwood London Fashion Week

Dame Vivienne Westwood’s warrior girls certainly resulted in a truly inspired collection.
Taking over the Royal Courts Of Justice was a genius move from the Westwood camp.
As the creme-de-la creme of fashion press and personalties made their way towards their seat
the venue’s ample, majestic ceiling and royal ornaments hinted that we were in for a treat.
Expecting a continuation of the apocalyptic Vivienne we have seen lately, the dame had exactly the opposite in min.
By re-interpreting her signature tartan in browns, organge’s and plum exploding Westwood managed to prove she is still moving with the times.
Micro-mini suits, prim plaid skirts and puff-sleeved bluses were arranged in a modern context.
Contrasting block colours to the looks brought an element of surprise and drama, maintaing the Red Labels youthful appeal.
No Westwood show would be complete however without a political message as the t-shirt of the opening look stated ‘Help Haiti’ and ‘Loyalty 2 Gaia’ and a model sharpening knives in a butchers apron.
Very Westwood indeed

Fernando Torres
Images by Alexander James

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