Felder Felder Spring / Summer 201 London Fashion Week

Felder Felder
Spring / Summer 2011

It was an unusual setting, two still up-and-coming brands (Felder Felder & Hannah Marshall) showing back-to-back at the main show tent,resulting in a confused fashion pack and major pressure on the PR’s as queues became mayhem.
Rumours quickly spread on twitter that a few A-list fashion editors and bloggers were left wandering outside. as singer Paloma Faith and ex Kanye West beau, Amber Rose ( whose relevance here is duly questioned) graced the front row.
It was an playful yet girlish collection with dark and hard edged undertones as the design duo
worked leather into a 3D exoskeleton architectural effect as a feature throughout.
Show notes quoted an imaginary muse in the shape of a rebellious downtown girl with an ‘easy-rider-type-of’ free spirit, that is somewhat expect from the duo however it was communicated on a fresh note this season.
Juxtaposing the hardness of the leather were chiffon and soft jerseys tops and dresses with the exoskeleton print, that transformed the very lady-like fabrics into a coquettish biker-chic-esque aesthetics that the duo is famous for.
The Felder Felder girls have a brand new bag of tricks that certainly entertains and will brooded the brands uber cool appeal.

Fernando Torres

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