Diane Von Furstenberg New York Fashion Week FALL 2011

“… muses and artists… travellers and settlers… always pushing the boundaries with strength and panache” Diane Von Furstenberg and Yvan Mispelaere
American Legends
She is fearless.
She walks through landscapes with intent and intensity… to the unknown with confidence and clarity. Travelling is her thread, collecting memories and designing a life that is hers to won.
A graphic gaucho wrap gives way to sumptuous shades of gold and crimson, a fringed vest with a sheer blouse, and subtly pleated dresses that are seductive and serious. A pioneer, she casually wears a printed pajama suit, a patchwork leather jacket and an evening apron over silk pants. Dreaming under the open sky, she rides the untraveled trail.
Eccentric and electic, she wears sky blue from head-to-toe or mixes prints with wit and ease. She rules the city, projecting her vision in a blanket rd coat, bright shades of teal, and textured jackets, she is a curator of color and style.
Fusing feminine details with hard-edged attitude, she references the past and invents her future. Strongly looking forward , she is the star she loves to wear on her cropped jacket. Looking out through oversized glasses, she is forever wrapped in liquid sequins.
American legend, she knows who she is, and who she wants to be.

Diane Von Furstenberg NYFW2011 FALL 2011
envoyé par Luxsure. – Découvrez plus de vidéos créatives.

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