Rebecca Minkoff, New York Fashion week, FALL 2011

Inspired by Charlotte Kemp Muhl, the collection embodies the urban gipsy, a juxtaposition of luxury and the bohemian girl. Unexpected mixed textures such as supple leather and rich tweds are shown alongside fluid chiffon and subtle sequins. The idea of an eclectic style is highlighted by graceful strokes of painterly stripes and custom prints from Liberty that metamorphose into delicate lace and lush sweaters. Minkoff has created a sophisticated edgy look that combines the energy of the country harnessed by clean tailoring. The color palette consists of blood reds, midnight royals, stone grays, and camel hues. With contrasting materials and sensibilities, the Rebecca Minkoff Fall/Winter 2011 collection represents a sexy, sophisticated, modern woman who is practical but free-spirited – a true embodiment to Minkoff herself.

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