Academy of Arts University, New York Fashion week, FALL 2011

Academy of Arts University NYFW2011 from pascal iakovou on Vimeo.

For its 10th show during New York fashion week, the show presented the collection of Holly Smith, Minha Yoon, Stephanie Gelot, Hurst Chang-Wei li,, Dejchat Sriyoopum, Jonathan David Baker, and Aura Taylor.
Holly Smith’s collection was inspired by the double crested cormorant, a water diving bird, collection using leather wool and wool jersey.
Minha Yoon’s inspiration was the effect of light and shadows. Subtle contasts in texture, layering, balance between tension, and drapery are the main elements of her collection.
Stephanie Gelot presented a collection of women’s knitwear representing the global nomads that many society have become.
Hurst Chang-Wei Lin, was inspired by photographs of alchemists, Arabian traditional costumes and drawings of Templar and alechemist symbols.
Dejchat Sriyoopum. Thai culture, architecture and strong women Victorian era inspired his women’s collection.
Jonathan David Baker. His woven and knit women’s collection was inspired by Japanese underground culture including geisha houses, Kabuki Theatre, tattoos, and gangs.
Aura Taylor. Her women’s collection combines traditional tailoring with no-sew techniques such as heat welding, vacuum press and adhesive tapes.

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