LG Toronto Fashion Week – Day 2

LGFW Day 2
The first full day of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week will undoubtedly go down as the busiest.  With some of the most eagerly anticipated shows of the LGFW schedule, shows included Denis Gagnon, LABEL, Shan, Chloe Comme Parris, Korhani Rugs, Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh Style, and menswear designer Bustle.  Denis Gagnon kicked off the day in an early time slot (by fashion week standards) that’s been a point of contention for some of LGFW designers.  A few designers had opted out of the LGFW schedule altogether, choosing to show off-site rather than take the early slot.
It’s All Style To Me had a chance to preview some of the FW11 collection and interview Denis at a trunk show held at jewellery designer Dandi Maestre’s boutique in Toronto’s Annex.  Denis had a great year in 2010 having collaborated on a capsule collection for BEDO, a tribute segment on Fashion Television, and 10 year career anniversary retrospective exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  “Mixing, crossroads, fluidity, union, exchange, dialogue, alliances…” are some of the words Denis used to describe his latest collection.  “In a fusion of colours, textures, and materials, the feminine silhouette, endowed with a new profile, is enhanced by this exuberant sensuality found in the sculptural work of Denis Gagnon.”  Futuristic Matrix-like zipped leathers, shaggy jet black faux-fur outerwear, on-trend pleated skirts and dresses, mossy knits, and sensual sheers mark what will undoubtedly be one of the most talked about collections of LGFW.  Incredible collection.
Denis Gagnon FW11
During New York Fashion Week, It’s All Style To Me had a preview of couturitarian-at-large, Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s FW11 Collection.  Kim’s got the Pink Tartan woman looking lean and mean for FW11 in a military-inspired pieces.  The Pink Tartan girls marched down the runway in stilettoed knee-high leather boots, military caps and belts.  The collection blended elegant elements of couture with military uniform tailoring, shades of army greens, army browns, and black/silver camouflage prints.  Loved the way the feather skirts, bold fuchsia, and parachute-meets-tutu skirts were thrown in for contrast.  The crowd was impressed.
Pink Tartan FW11
While several of the international Women’s FW11 Collections have been turning to the 70s for glam-inspired looks, Joe Fresh Style has looked to the 60s all-American girl as a muse for the FW11 Collection.  Signature Joe Fresh orange, khakis, forest and emerald greens, and sky blues dominated the runway during Tuesday’s pop/dance music infused show.  Favourites included the geometric prints, neoprene (fabric-du-jour for FW11) skirts, sweater dresses, and accessories.  Not your usual cup of Joe.  The design label has huge ambitions of expansion and domination of the discount retail market.  They’ve already set up shop(s) in NYC.  At Joe’s prices, Mimran’s got American Apparel, H&M, and the GAP all shaking in their little discount boots.  For Day 2 photos please visit the It’s All Style To Me Facebook Page.
Joe Fresh Style FW11

Joe Fresh Style After Party FW11
Joe Fresh Style After Party FW11

Spiro Mandylor – It’s all style to me for Luxsure

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