Mary Portas opens her own store at House of Fraser

Mary Portas, Telegraph columnist, famous retail adviser and UK’s self-proclaimed Queen of Shops, has just opened her own store at House of Fraser on Oxford Street. Alongside carefully selected pieces from her favourite brands, will be a capsule collection of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories she has designed. The idea behind the project was that most fashion brands focus on teenagers whilst, as she explained this week to Grazia, “half the country is over 40 and they have 80 per cent of the wealth. This needs for a change, she continues. I want this to be the time we finally feel proud to be women.” 

She has even written a manifesto, with fashion codes, do’s and don’ts, but the ultimate goal is to try and define what should be a grown-up style. With Mary Portas, it is certainly not about being boring or looking like your granny, but rather about how to make the most of being a woman. Beautiful and fine fabrics, perfect cuts, sophisticated prints and sexy heels, you are so going to like it!

Laurie Guillem

Mary at House of Fraser, 316 Oxford Street, London W1 or online at

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