VLOV Qingqing Wu | New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Qingqing Wu one of China Fashion Week’s top 10 fashion designers for the past two years, portrayed a 4 colors palette:
– Gray for “inner seduction”
– Bleu Royal for “lightness”
– White for “hope”
– Black for “confidence”
The designer claimed to be inspired by the letter “V” in the creation of his collection. This Spring 2012 was about sharp cuts, V-shapes and asymmetric zipper detail. For the urban warrior men and certainly not for the faint of heart.
Eye-catching and edgy, the collection was perfect for Wu’s New York Fashion Week debut. We will surely be seeing more of him in the West. Because Qingqing already conquered the Far East.

Alessandro Berga | t: @thecaprissimo |www.jetsetconfidential.com

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