Look sweet as sugar with Ladurée

Photo courtesy of Ladurée

As a self confessed beauty and macaron junkie, I have been delighted to find out that these two worlds have merged to create something unforgettable.
The iconic French patisserie Ladurée has recently launched an exciting line of their own cosmetics in collaboration with Japanese beauty brand Albion. Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée (the wonders of Ladurée) will without a doubt leave beauty junkies and fashionistas weak at the knees.
The collection includes pretty lip colours, concealers and powder puffs. Marie Antoinette eat your heart out.
There is also a Face Colour Rose blusher available in three shades presented in exquisitely designed Faberge egg-style packaging. This would definitely make an ideal gift for someone… hint hint.
You can also get your hands on the cream based tint, which is available in five shades, and the soft pressed powder to make sure you look fabulous as you snack on a macaron or two.
The collection is available in Japanese stores now, keep your eyes peeled to see the range in Europe and America in the coming months.
Michelle Winter

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