Fashion and Mobile Technologies Created by 360Fashion Launched at the CHIC

Fashion and Mobile Technologies Created by 360Fashion Launched at the CHIC
Ca3360Fashion Network has been invited by the China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC) to create an 800-sqm FASHION AND MOBILE ZONE during the show that is to be held at the New China International Exhibition Center from March 26th – 29th, 2013.  The zone showcases how fashion brands can harness the Augmented Reality technologies in their brand building, retail space, and advertising campaigns.
The zone is at the South Gate (main entrance) of the Exhibition Center and is open to the public during CHIC.  According to Anina Net, founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network, this zone allows visitors to experience the power of Augmented Reality, Fashion Films, and 3D Augmented Reality as presented on the three different walls of the zone.  Visitors can also download the 360AR app in order to interact and experience the exhibition with their own mobile device.
To demonstrate the 3D Augmented Reality, 360Fashion has built a red carpet experience where visitors can step onto the red carpet and stand next to the Anina 3D character in real time. This 3D interactivity is exciting to see the cross over between virtual live events and reality.
The virtual dressing room wall is where guests can step into a private dressing area and try on superstar designer, Guo Pei’s “Bridal Fashion Couture Collection” dresses on their own body using the TryLive technology. Visitors can see themselves in a mirror wearing the wedding dresses in real time.
The Jewelry area uses the 360AR App to allow people to try on virtual rings and bracelets by inserting their hands into digital jewelry display boxes. Visitors can see the digital version of the jewelry displayed on their hand in order to select the item that is most suitable for their style. Men can discover the best watch for their personal style with the TryLive solution for iPad by placing a paper version of the watch on their wrist in order to view the digital version.
“This year CHIC continues with the theme of educating fashion brands about mobile technology. With 360Fashion Network’s participation and support this year, we are able to show the world how Augmented Reality can be leveraged to generate user interactivity and drive offline sales for fashion brands,” said a representative of the organizers of the China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC).
Dedicated to the celebration of the growing Fashion Film genre, the CHIC 360Fashion Film Festival wall showcases photos from the Berlin Fashion Film Festival, the German Fashion Film Festival, and ESMOD Beijing using the 360AR App to interact and view the content.
In addition to offering the opportunity for an on-site technological experience, 360Fashion Network is also hosting lectures on the TryLive technology at 2pm on March 26th. Attendees and spectators can share Anina Net’s expertise on how to use the TryLive technology to connect with customers and build their brands.
“Building on our success from last year, 360Fashion Network further focuses on the Augmented Reality technology which is perfectly suited to the fashion industry. With this exhibition we can clearly show brands how these new interactive media can support their collections and bring them into intimate contact with customers,” said Anina Net, Founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network.

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