2020 has given Area a new perspective. The sudden halt in their previous routine was taken as an opportunity to break out and explore different ways and times to present their collections. The overall goal became a dedication to creating pieces that are treasured – that fill an emotional need and elicit confidence whether it’s an earring or a couture gown.

AREA Spring 2021 Couture from AREA on Vimeo.

Unveiling their debut Couture collection January 28th, 2021 the idea to create a Couture range came organically for Area. Over the years, designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszcyzk have garnered a cult following of loyal fans and VIP clients who turn to the downtown New York-based design studio for bespoke pieces featuring Area’s modern and timeless take on beauty and glamour.

“For our debut Haute Couture collection we wanted to highlight our passion for custom tailoring, we feel like every type of body is beautiful and unique in its on way, we wanted to highlight that by playing with a range of silhouettes created to complement the wearer, showcasing that beauty and craft can feel exclusive in it’s core but at the same time include a range of body types. We like to create our own visual fantasy through fashion and craft, but on the other hand it’s important that our viewer can envision them selves in our pieces.

With this Couture collection we want to showcase our ability and dedication to creating beauty by hand. Every look in this collection has been developed over an extensive time of 6 months, and has been an ongoing collaboration between our studio in New York and our embroidery partners in India/globally. We are proud of all the hands that where involved in creating every single look, craft truly comes to fruition through a collaborative community and passion.

Area Couture showcases Beckett and Piotrek’s love and passion for craft and creation, pioneering artistic embellishments, innovative textiles and techniques. They have respectfully followed the doctrine of couture while bringing a fresh new energy to the institution.

For this collection the designers have taken inspiration from ancient civilizations exploring the primal instinct of body adornment that has existed since the beginning of humanity creating a modern mythology.


Renowned for their revolutionary creations involving crystals, Area Couture pushes even further the boundaries of what is possible in crystal constructions. This collection is brought to life with almost half a million crystals featuring a partnership with industry leaders Swarovski.

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Valentino launches a makeup collection hailed for its inclusivity

Inclusivity is at the heart of this debut Valentino Beauty makeup collection, designed for all skin tones thanks to its (very) wide range of shades. But eager beauty fans will have to wait a few days more to discover the products in this collection, set to be unveiled May 31 at Selfridges, London.
The Valentino fashion house’s spectacular, sculptural creations — acclaimed as much at fashion week as at the most prestigious red carpet events — may be known in the fashion world and beyond, but what about the beauty looks that accompany these outfits? Well, you’ll soon be able to reproduce them live in your bathroom thanks to the upcoming launch of the first makeup collection from the luxury brand Valentino Beauty.
Conceived by Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Maison Valentino, the collection is designed to offer a connection between the worlds of fashion and beauty, giving pride of place to the luxury label’s signature codes. But the collection is also about inclusivity and self-expression, since, from its very launch, this makeup line will feature no fewer than 40 foundation shades and 50 lipstick colours. These will be joined by a selection of eye products.
“Valentino Beauty is human beauty, a couture makeup open to all genders, ages, and cultures,” the fashion house explains in a statement.
It’s a commitment that’s also likely to be expressed through the collection’s first ad campaign. In fact, rather than opting for the usual ambassador fronting the collection, there will be 16 “eclectic talents” representing the different facets of the Valentino brand.
“Beauty is a complexity resolved through love. Beauty is democratic. I look at the identity of each individual, the uniqueness that encloses diversity and inclusivity. Beauty is about grace. Grace is something that you cannot describe, it is a perception,” commented Pierpaolo Piccioli.
The debut Valentino Beauty makeup collection, which features refillable lipsticks and palettes, will be presented at Selfridges, London, May 31, ahead of a worldwide launch beginning in August 2021.
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