For autumn/winter 2021, AMBUSH continue the journey they started last season — laying the foundations for a new house. The rebuild of the AMBUSH Maison, or     reflects what people want, and need, from their wardrobe in 2021 – the fundamental idea of com fort . This season sees AMBUSH expand upon the themes of spring/summer 2021 and express how the mind can wonder when comfortable and at home, both literally and in spirit. How we can explore different worlds and rooms, some glamorous, some outdoors and technical, and some more futuristic and urban.

Designer YOON, like many of us, is at home. She feels this need for comfort, but also sees fashion as a way to hold on to one’s identit y. AMBUSH’s latest collection began to take shape, informed by the designer’s belief that clothes shouldn’t overwhelm the wearer, but instead empower and give a natural sex appeal. Where comfort meets escapism.

Thus, we arrive at the relaxed yet architectural tailoring that comprises the collection.

In monochrome interspersed with bursts of acid pink, yellow and green, or dusky brown and maroon, YOON takes clues from our new everyday lives. Suit jackets and leather coats have a boxy 80s look and are easy to wear, or cinched at the waist to give

an elegant nostalgic silhouette. Paired with bulbous boots or squared off heels, the effect is modern, giving an elongated proportion. The mix of fabrics speaks of unexpected comfort — cream chunky knits worn with leather, ribbed jersey with shearling, chain link straps on a simple black dress. There’s a relaxed feel to the materials used throughout, from washed soft cottons to Japanese denim , supple leather and even down to the rubber coating on coats.

MBUSH is naturally unisex, and always has been, based on YOON’s lived experience wearing what she feels good in. There’s a quiet weight to outerwear, which sits away from and protects the body. When worn with down jackets, we see comfort and

warmth meet the experimental proportions. It’s not all practicality, however, as bursts of sequins and colour enliven the collection, as YOON asks why a sparkling dress can’t be comfortable without compromising style. Throughout, the jewellery that AMBUSH built its name on adds points of interest, whether thick chain link or statement earrings.

Comfort, YOON proposes, isn’t just about fit and feel. It’s in the mind, of course. Unexpected fabrics, the interplay of shine and texture, bright tones amid the workaday — all to raise the spirit and allow the wearer room to be themselves. AMBUSH is a building a house with a foundation of joy.

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