The Fall Winter 2021 Premiere was shot at the Centre Pompidou. In today’s disconnected mood, it was essential for Marie-

Christine Statz to give the digital experience a home that is associated with the energy of Paris rather than showing in a

space with no relation to the current reality.

The key looks are captured in various areas of the deserted Centre. Models are crossing each other on escalators, terraces

and in staircases without seeming to see one another which underlines the locked-in and isolated state of today.

Various sounds rising from deep inside the Centre, its functional tubes and pipes on the outside of the building as well as

the echo of large empty halls create a tapestry of sound like a steady heartbeat. It dictates the powerful pace and rhythm

of the presentation that contrast the detached atmosphere.

The 21 looks continue to reflect the longing for a personal armour. Garments that not only make you feel comfortable but

comforted, that offer protection without constriction. Weightless three-d brushed wool & alpaca blends and double faced

fabrics come in coats, wrap-skirts, trousers, jackets and tops. Patted skirts and tops create rounded and soft silhouettes. The

colour palette that builds on caramel brown, greys, a deep dark blue and different hues of cranberry, cabernet and burgundy

red is accentuated by a bright green and blue. Next to the house’s uniform of monochrome suiting and tailoring,

colour blocking looks define the attitude of the collection: a riviera blue oversized turtleneck is paired with wide wool

trousers in plum, amazon green trousers made of buttery leather are styled with a multicoloured fitted sweater.

GAUCHERE is a French prêt-à-porter house founded in 2013 by the designer Marie-Christine Statz. Her vision is to create

garments that point out the individual. At the heart of GAUCHERE is the art of tailoring, the appreciation of materials

as they are and the translation in pure geometric structures and sculptural volumes. Marie-Christine’s intuitive

designs are expressing the mood of today while aiming for permanence and timelessness.

The GAUCHERE woman is progressive. She is an active participant in today’s society. “Live and let live” is not just a phrase

for her but an attitude towards life. She has her own style and knows what suits her.


Art Direction / Stylist: Sheila Single

Director / DOP: Clément de Hollogne

Casting Director: Paul Louisor

Hairstylist: Christian Eberhard

Make-Up: Anthony Preel

Sound Creation: Nuits Noires

Production: Cinq Etoiles Productions

Post production: Everest Studio

Location: Le Centre Pompidou

Look Book Photography: Kira Bunse

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