The quest for beauty, for Ermanno Scervino, is an unavoidable mission, even in a difficult moment
like the present one, in which the pleasure of dressing up, embellishing oneself, decorating
oneself seems to have lost importance. Giving up formulas, celebrating the most exquisite
manual skills in a language made up of contrasts and harmonies, Scervino speaks incessantly
about feminine beauty and roots it in the present, working on exact lines, tactile surfaces, refined
and unexpected details.

This season preciousness meets the world of sport, opens up to the pragmatism of the street,
while keeping the refinement, in a commentary on the thinning of barriers and distinctions, on the
mixing of occasions which characterizes fashion today. The tension of opposites, the first
principle of Ermanno Scervino’s stylistic dynamics, becomes a dialogue between day and night,
inside and out, essential and embroidered, dense and evanescent, fluid and sturdy. Even the
beloved lace is made with soft leather, and so are the down jackets, combined even during the
day with crystal-encrusted lace T-shirt dresses. Trousers have side bands, like those for skiing or
training, while the short pleated skirts are made with raw-cut neoprene. Exact tailoring has new
proportions: coats lengthen, suits combine blazers and Bermuda shorts, even in the tuxedo
version. Large thread embroidery runs through the double-faced paletots, the sheepskin coats,
the maxi cardigans. Wool fringes dance everywhere, adding movement. Thick knitwear, touched
by flashes of lurex or crossed by bright crystals, is an important presence: pullovers, jackets and
bags have enveloping and comfortable shapes. Lace, bouclé, wools, leathers blend
harmoniously, creating counterpoints of textures that accompany a chromatic path of neutral
colors in which notes of tobacco, green, pink and purple stand out alongside gray, white and
The result is a reflection on everyday life, in the manner of Ermanno Scervino.

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