Sotheby’s Global Flagship Jewellery Auctions feature Large World-Class Diamonds and Coloured Gemstone

Combining great rarity and beauty, these gems of exceptional size appeal to an ever-growing base of collectors, especially when set in masterful designs

“Big rocks” are stealing the show this season, with an impressive selection of large diamonds and coloured gemstones highlighting Sotheby’s global flagship jewellery auctions. Combining extreme rarity and beauty, these gems of exceptional size (up to over 100 carats) have traditionally been highly sought after, but today they spark new interest from a wider range of collectors. Demand has been buoyed by a growing understanding of the scarcity and complexities of these incredibly large stones. Collectors increasingly appreciate them as phenomenally rare natural wonders, which are not only tangible assets with great intrinsic value, but also works of art in their own right, when set in masterful designs. Gary Schuler, Worldwide Chairman of the Jewellery Division commented: “The fascination for large gems goes back centuries. Shrouded in mystery and steeped in legend, these stones have been treasured by rulers, while also prized for their presumed magical powers, and even sometimes feared for being cursed. In recent years, by virtue of the market’s increasing connoisseurship, we have seen demand for these gems grow fast and far beyond the traditional pool of collectors. These new buyers are looking for different kinds of stones, and this is reflected in the great diversity of this season’s offering, which range from unmounted world-class diamonds and diamond-led jewellery, to pieces with noble provenance and signed jewels marrying colourful gemstones with the extraordinary craftmanship of renowned houses, such as Cartier and Harry Winston.”

THE LARGEST KASHMIR SAPPHIRE EVER TO APPEAR AT AUCTION Formerly in the Collection of Maureen Constance Guinness, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (1907-1998) A 1930s sapphire and diamond brooch, featuring the largest Kashmir sapphire ever to appear at auction – a 55.19-carat oval gem, alongside a cushion-shaped Kashmir sapphire weighing 25.97 carats. Est. $2-3m (CHF 1.9 – 2.8m)

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