Sotheby’s Global Flagship Jewellery Auctions feature Large World-Class Diamonds and Coloured Gemstone

Combining great rarity and beauty, these gems of exceptional size appeal to an ever-growing base of collectors, especially when set in masterful designs

“Big rocks” are stealing the show this season, with an impressive selection of large diamonds and coloured gemstones highlighting Sotheby’s global flagship jewellery auctions. Combining extreme rarity and beauty, these gems of exceptional size (up to over 100 carats) have traditionally been highly sought after, but today they spark new interest from a wider range of collectors. Demand has been buoyed by a growing understanding of the scarcity and complexities of these incredibly large stones. Collectors increasingly appreciate them as phenomenally rare natural wonders, which are not only tangible assets with great intrinsic value, but also works of art in their own right, when set in masterful designs. Gary Schuler, Worldwide Chairman of the Jewellery Division commented: “The fascination for large gems goes back centuries. Shrouded in mystery and steeped in legend, these stones have been treasured by rulers, while also prized for their presumed magical powers, and even sometimes feared for being cursed. In recent years, by virtue of the market’s increasing connoisseurship, we have seen demand for these gems grow fast and far beyond the traditional pool of collectors. These new buyers are looking for different kinds of stones, and this is reflected in the great diversity of this season’s offering, which range from unmounted world-class diamonds and diamond-led jewellery, to pieces with noble provenance and signed jewels marrying colourful gemstones with the extraordinary craftmanship of renowned houses, such as Cartier and Harry Winston.”

THE LARGEST KASHMIR SAPPHIRE EVER TO APPEAR AT AUCTION Formerly in the Collection of Maureen Constance Guinness, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (1907-1998) A 1930s sapphire and diamond brooch, featuring the largest Kashmir sapphire ever to appear at auction – a 55.19-carat oval gem, alongside a cushion-shaped Kashmir sapphire weighing 25.97 carats. Est. $2-3m (CHF 1.9 – 2.8m)

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Stunning asymmetrical jewellery pieces that add more visual interest to your look

Unveil a new side to your style persona through asymmetrical jewels or ensembles that are bound to make an impression.

One of the limited-edition showpieces from Cartier’s Clash [Un]Limited collection is this unconventional and audacious Baignoire mitten watch – a watch inserted into a supple gold and diamond mitten. Developed over two years at the innovation unit of the Maison des Métiers d’Art in collaboration with a master glove-maker, the gold-mesh mitten is made using 3D printing and fits like second skin. It is set with a constellation of nearly 1,600 diamonds surrounding a Baignoire Allongée watch featuring a diamond-paved dial hemmed with studs. This unique piece alone took almost 227 hours of work to complete.

Turn heads with a single, dramatic ear cuff such as this Opalescence pendant earring from Boucheron’s Carte Blanche, Holographique high jewellery collection, which is centred around the theme of light and reflection. This jewel takes an extremely lifelike form of a betta or Siamese fighting fish, whose body is a single piece of carved opal. Fanning out from the stone are sweeping pink gold fins and a tail embellished with diamonds and translucent enamel thanks to the plique-à-jour technique. It is also transformable into a brooch.

Contemporary and free-spirited, this Hermès Lignes Sensibles À l’écoute hand jewellery is designed to wear like second skin. Connecting a double ring and a bracelet with an articulated, diamond- studded chain, the piece slips on like an invisible glove yet turns the back of the hand into a canvas that shows off the soft glow of rose gold and dreamy coloured gems. There are altogether 4.46 carats of white diamonds, 0.96 carats of brown diamonds, a 4.6-carat black jade cabochon, a 2.33-carat blue-grey tourmaline cabochon, a 2.68-carat green-yellow tourmaline cabochon and a 1.05-carat cushion-cut yellow-orange citrine.
Harry Winston

Inspired by the design of the grand Fifth Avenue entryway of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is this Diamond Crossover necklace from the Fifth Avenue by Harry Winston collection. A modern and spectacular creation that pays tribute to the jeweller’s home city, the platinum necklace flaunts a total of 212 diamonds weighing 77.38 carats set in a medley of geometric shapes and angular forms. On one side are carefully calibrated baguette diamonds, while on the other a strand of graduated round brilliant diamonds, and another strand of graduated marquise-cut diamonds.
Van Cleef & Arpels

This pair of Van Cleef & Arpels Sous les Étoiles Orion earrings comes from a transformable white gold set that can be worn multiple ways. It includes a chain necklace with a diamond pendant and a pair of cascading diamond earrings – both of which can be embellished, interchangeably, with two additional bejewelled adornments. One is a mesmerising 2.88-carat pear-shaped Madagascan mauve sapphire pendant, while the other is a dangling waterfall pendant graced by two pear-shaped Madagascan mauve and pink sapphires totalling 2.66 carats, brilliant-cut diamonds and more pink sapphires. They are seen here clipped onto the earrings, creating a a visually arresting sight.

The result of a joint effort between Graff’s watchmaking division in Geneva and the house’s design team, jewellery workshop and technology department in London, is this Abstract jewellery watch. The jeweller’s speciality has always been in exceptional diamonds and their artful composition – as demonstrated here flawlessly. An asymmetric cluster of pear-shaped and marquise-cut diamonds totalling more than 13 carats are set at different heights and gently overlap in places, creating a delicately voluminous cascade of scintillation around one side of a pavé diamond dial.
Tiffany & Co.

One of nature’s beauties beloved by Tiffany & Co. is the butterfly. This iteration – the Sky butterfly brooch from the Colors of Nature collection – is as remarkable as it gets. Made of yellow gold and perfectly symmetrical, it however contrasts over 8 carats of custom-cut purple sapphires on one side, with more than 11 carats of custom-cut and cracked-ice diamonds on the other. A hinge allows the wings to be set in four different positions, evoking the motion of flight. While the brooch would typically be worn on a lapel or the chest, how about the shoulder, sleeve or hair – for a change?

Conceptualised to be worn over both the decolletage and the back, this Piaget Extraordinary Lights necklace is also transformable to be worn up to nine different ways. On the “day” side are an 8.88-carat cushion-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond and a pear-shaped Tanzanian red spinel of 3.61 carats. On the “night” side is a 5.34-carat Sri Lankan blue sapphire. Other gems featured include pearls, white and yellow diamonds, red spinels, spessartites and blue sapphires. A unique piece that took craftsmen over 450 hours of work, it is fully articulated and comfortable to wear – allowing its owner to fully appreciate and show off its magnificence.
(Art Direction: Lee Kuan Leng)
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