Sotheby’s Global Flagship Jewellery Auctions feature Large World-Class Diamonds and Coloured Gemstone

Combining great rarity and beauty, these gems of exceptional size appeal to an ever-growing base of collectors, especially when set in masterful designs

“Big rocks” are stealing the show this season, with an impressive selection of large diamonds and coloured gemstones highlighting Sotheby’s global flagship jewellery auctions. Combining extreme rarity and beauty, these gems of exceptional size (up to over 100 carats) have traditionally been highly sought after, but today they spark new interest from a wider range of collectors. Demand has been buoyed by a growing understanding of the scarcity and complexities of these incredibly large stones. Collectors increasingly appreciate them as phenomenally rare natural wonders, which are not only tangible assets with great intrinsic value, but also works of art in their own right, when set in masterful designs. Gary Schuler, Worldwide Chairman of the Jewellery Division commented: “The fascination for large gems goes back centuries. Shrouded in mystery and steeped in legend, these stones have been treasured by rulers, while also prized for their presumed magical powers, and even sometimes feared for being cursed. In recent years, by virtue of the market’s increasing connoisseurship, we have seen demand for these gems grow fast and far beyond the traditional pool of collectors. These new buyers are looking for different kinds of stones, and this is reflected in the great diversity of this season’s offering, which range from unmounted world-class diamonds and diamond-led jewellery, to pieces with noble provenance and signed jewels marrying colourful gemstones with the extraordinary craftmanship of renowned houses, such as Cartier and Harry Winston.”

THE LARGEST KASHMIR SAPPHIRE EVER TO APPEAR AT AUCTION Formerly in the Collection of Maureen Constance Guinness, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (1907-1998) A 1930s sapphire and diamond brooch, featuring the largest Kashmir sapphire ever to appear at auction – a 55.19-carat oval gem, alongside a cushion-shaped Kashmir sapphire weighing 25.97 carats. Est. $2-3m (CHF 1.9 – 2.8m)

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Looking for sustainable and ethical jewellery? Try these lab-grown diamond brands

Diamonds have always had a place in our jewellery collections, but what about lab-grown diamonds?
The man-made alternatives, in fact, are now being embraced more than ever. The sparkling stones, created in a matter of weeks using chemical processes that mimic what nature takes years to do, hold a special appeal to today’s customers.

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Harry Winston illustrates the name of love with brilliant diamonds

For one, they’re entirely traceable — they go from the lab to you. You can’t say the same of natural diamonds, whose mining processes are often tainted with unethical labour and environmental damage. In fact, to date, Tiffany & Co. is the only major mined diamond jeweller to offer transparency on its diamond supply chain.
In terms of quality, lab-grown diamonds don’t even differ from mined diamonds. They are one and the same, but thanks to technology, the former are more consistently produced in terms of cut, colour and clarity. The standards of these newer diamonds can indeed match some of the most prized gems in the world.
Sustainable and ethical production aside, lab-grown diamonds also boast an attractive price point, even if they shine as brilliantly as the gems fetch millions at auctions. De Beers, the old-timer diamond company that made those clear stones desirable in the first place, told us that “diamonds are forever”, but emerging jewellery start-ups are introducing a new idea: diamonds are for everyone.
Today, you have plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for lab-grown diamond jewellery. And who wouldn’t want to spoil themselves with some guilt-free bling? It helps that the birthstone of April is the diamond, too. If you’re all for embracing modernity and rejecting traditions, consider making a purchase at one of the lab-grown diamond brands we highlight below.
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10 romantic gemstones that will express your love

Love is a many-splendored thing – as are these romantic gemstones, which aren’t only exquisite in their own right, but also boost love and relationships with their energies.
Pink Spinel

The spinel’s name is derived from the latin spina (spine) and refers to the mineral’s needle-like formations of small octahedron-shaped crystals. A jewel that condenses bright and positive energy, it offers encouragement when you’re experiencing relationship challenges. The spinel is also said to foster a spirit of gratitude brought about by the realisation that love is a gift. Piaget’s wings of light rainbow jungle ring in rose gold features a 6.82-carat pear-shaped pink spinel, pink and yellow sapphires, pink tourmalines, spessartines and diamonds.
Pink Tourmaline

The tourmaline gained popularity as an American gem in 1892 thanks to Tiffany & Co.’s gemologist, George F Kunz, who wrote about the quality gemstone deposits discovered in Maine and California. Ranging from pale pink to deep red, this gem is favoured by metaphysical collectors and practitioners for its versatile energy properties. It’s believed to enhance love and spirituality, and encourage compassion and gentleness in periods of growth and change. This extraordinary Tiffany & co high-jewellery collection 2020 platinum necklace comprises more than 50 carats of vivid mixed-cut pink tourmalines and over 14 carats of diamonds.
Pink Diamond

Nothing evokes romance like the pink diamond, which is associated with love, delight, tenderness and innocence. And like true love, pink diamonds are rare and mysterious: they’re found in only a few locations and scientists still haven’t determined what causes a diamond to take on this pastel hue. Not only does this stone symbolise femininity and creativity, but it also represents resilience and endless affection, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. These Chopard red carpet collection 2020 flamingo earrings in pink titanium feature pink diamonds totalling 18.4 carats, as well as diamonds and onyx.
Red Coral

Although coral occurs in a wide range of colours, red is the most sought- after hue, with only two types of coral that can be made into jewellery: corallium japonicum and corallium rubrum. Coral gives you the power to overcome relationship obstacles and be a pillar of strength. It’s also said to be able to temper anger, impatience and frustration, encouraging open and honest communication between a couple. This Cartier natural pink-gold necklace is embellished with coral, grey mother-of-pearl and diamonds.
Pink Sapphire

This stunning gemstone ranges from light to dark pink and also features secondary hues, such as purplish-pink — and, in the case of the rare Padparadscha sapphire, which is mainly found in Sri Lanka, even a glowing orangey-pink. A symbol of love, its use as a betrothal gift dates back as far as ancient Rome. It also symbolises trust, loyalty and sincerity, and is believed to bestow good fortune. Shown here is the Van Cleef & Arpels Romeo & Juliet Innamorato bracelet in rose and white gold, with 18 pink and mauve oval-cut sapphires totalling 70.23 carats, pink and mauve sapphires and diamonds.

Among the most prized and priciest stones from the tourmaline family is the rubellite. While it’s also known as red tourmaline, only the most vivid and saturated specimens are worthy enough to be classified as rubellites. This stone works to clear the communication channels between a couple to bring stability and security to their relationship. Shown here is the Bulgari Barocko yellow- gold necklace, which flaunts a 58.02-carat cushion-shaped rubellite, a 3-carat pear- shaped diamond, two marquise diamonds weighing 2.04 carats, five round emeralds totalling 3.31 carats and round brilliant-cut and pavé diamonds with a combined weight of 19.27 carats.

Harry Winston

Hailed as the gem of gems throughout history and favoured by royalty around the world, this rich crimson stone is said to be the most powerful jewel of them all. Representative of love through the ages, the ruby is said to inspire faithfulness and devotion in a romantic relationship. French jewellers in the 1800s referred to it as the “dearly loved stone”, whose fiery red hue was said to arouse the senses, stir the imagination and inspire sensuality in its wearer. This Graff peony collection white-gold and platinum necklace features multi-shaped rubies and diamonds.The Harry Winston fifth avenue platinum necklace dazzles with 12 pear-shaped rubies totalling 20.58 carats, and 308 cushion- and pear-shaped, brilliant-cut and marquise diamonds wei.
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Tiffany &Co. has just unveils its first diamond engagement ring for men

Tiffany & Co. may have long upheld the idea that diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but now the American jeweller wants to make that the case for gentlemen, too.
Enter the The Charles Tiffany Setting, the very first line of men’s engagement rings to be offered by Tiffany & Co. It’s fittingly named after the luxury label’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, who introduced the world to the women’s solitaire diamond engagement ring in 1886. Now, Tiffany & Co. is flipping traditions with its masculine counterpart.

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Recalling the signet ring that has long been a staple of men’s jewellery, the centrepiece of the Charles Tiffany Setting is a sparkling solitaire diamond — ethically sourced, as Tiffany & Co. can ensure with an unprecedented level of transparency. The gemstone comes in either round brilliant or emerald cuts, and weighs up to five carats. In other words, you can’t miss it.
For now, The Charles Tiffany Setting is offered in platinum and titanium designs. The size of the round brilliant diamond is emphasised by a smooth, knife-edge band — the kind that has distinguished the iconic Tiffany Setting ring for women. As for the styles with emerald-cut diamonds, the shape of the gem is brought out by surrounding contours and the band’s bevelled edges.

All of which makes for a bold departure from the traditional men’s wedding band, which have always been plain in comparison to those worn by brides. Still, the The Charles Tiffany Setting collection didn’t arrive merely out of Tiffany & Co.’s determination to change the status quo. It has already been shifting, what with the rise of men’s interest in jewellery, fuelled in part by contemporary style icons like A$AP Rocky and Timothée Chalamet.
When it comes to adorning themselves with accessories, men now have more options than ever. That includes Tiffany & Co.’s first jewellery collection for men, launched in 2019. Similarly, luxury labels like Louis Vuitton and Dior have also unveiled jewellery lines dedicated to the other half of the population in the last few years.
It was only a matter of time before an engagement ring was designed just for them. The Charles Tiffany Setting, which marries striking details with a sense of classicism, will surely appeal to the modern man’s tastes. And if the gentleman so wishes, he can purchase one for himself at any Tiffany & Co. flagship around the world starting from May.
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