Berluti latest seasonal color Terracotta

Berluti has created, for its Summer 2021 collection, Terracotta, a brand-new color that mixes a deep earthy hue with fiery orange undertones.

It is inspired by the work of the Los Angeles-based ceramic artist, Brian Rochefort and it embodies both his and Berluti’s artisanship and creativity. This new season emblatic color allows for a wide range of uses and interpretations while giving each Berluti leather piece its signature look with a Venezia leather baseresulting in subtle contrasts and transparencies.

Timeless and fashionable, Berluti’s Terracotta is featured on a selection of Berluti’s emblematic accessories, including the Toujours Mini and Toujours Gulliver tote bags, the Nino GM and Ninorigami clutches, and the Un Jour Mini briefcase. Small leather goods include the Jagua, Makore Slim and Itauba wallets as well as the Bambou and Imbuia card holders.

Terracotta also embellishes the Lorenzo loafer and adds detailed touches to the new Fast Trek sneaker, a trekking-inspired variation of the iconic Fast Track sneaker.

From June 2021 and in Berluti stores, leather pieces featuring Berluti’s Terracotta color will be launched.

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