NIO Cocktails Summer Box

NIO Cocktails are exotic, refreshing, perfect to bring along with you anywhere, also to the beach! They suggests a special box to celebrate the long-awaited return of summer.

Premium quality cocktails, 100% Made in Italy know-how, enclosed in a completely recyclable pack: the NIO Cocktails Summer Box offers an excellent selection of recipes that are confirmed as pillars of high mixology created by Patrick Pistolesi. He is the master mixologist of the brand who was ranked among the 50 best bartenders in the world, according to the prestigious World’s 50 Best Bars.


It is a perfect for summer masterpiece in Eighties style, refreshing, energizing, and thirst-quenching: it combines the properties of quality coffee with the exciting and flavor vodka for an explosive, enveloping, and stimulating result. GReat for aperitifs and after-dinners, it will be the star of the summer season.


The iconic Margarita is a legend in the world of mixology with the flavors and aromas of the warm Mexican coast. Invented in 1938 in honor of Mexican showgirl Rita de la Rosa and quickly becoming a must-have, it is a timeless refreshing classic that will give a thirst-quenching, flavorful and glamorous twist to your summer.


The elegance of the 1940s is perfect with the colors of Tiki culture in the great tropical classic Mai Tai, a summer cocktail created by American adventurer Victor Jules Bergeron and become an icon of the American West Coast. Its overwhelming freshness is given by notes of candied orange and spicy herbs.

Espresso Martini is available since June 8th, while Margarita and Mai Tai will be on sale starting from June 21st.

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12 non-alcoholic cocktails we can’t get enough of

Whether you prefer to call them mocktails (we don’t, for the record), zero-proof, or spirit-free drinks, we’d like to encourage you to dive deep into the world of non-alcoholic mixed drinks, which can be every bit as complex, delicious, and worth getting excited about as its boozy counterpart. The traditional principles used to craft alcoholic mixed drinks – finding balance in flavour, picking thoughtful garnishes, glassware, and ice – apply to non-alcoholic cocktails as well, and while some of the recipes we enjoy the most call for a few additional steps, like making a syrup or a tincture, you’ll be surprised by how easy many can be used again to add extra flavour to everything from ice cream to coffee. Read on for some of our favourite non-alcoholic cocktails, from the caffeinated and citrus-forward Coffee Cooler, to a cherry soda-Esque Cherry Red. These are drinks you’ll want to make long after Dry January is behind us.
Non-alcoholic drinks that are a must try this season
Green refresher

Image Credit: Matt Taylor-Gross

In the Green Refresher, one of our favourite non-alcoholic cocktails concocted from master distiller and mixologist Sebastian Reaburn, the herbaceous, earthy notes of Japanese sencha tea perfectly complements the sweet, tart flavour of apple juice.
Coffee cooler

Image Credit: Matt Taylor-Gross

Love an Espresso Martini, but don’t want the booze? The Coffee Cooler scratches any itch for caffeine with added sweetness from freshly squeezed orange juice.
Ghia sour

Image Credit: Carey Jones

Ghia is a Campari-lover’s booze-free best friend, and this simple, non-alcoholic cocktail shows off the complex botanicals and herbs in one of our favourite non-alcoholic aperitifs.
Cherry red

Image Credit: Matt Taylor-Gross

Mixologist Sebastian Reaburn uses black cherries when he makes this non-alcoholic cocktail, which was inspired, he says, by “classic American flavours like Big Red chewing gum and Cherry Coke.”
Jardin Verde

Image Credit: Victor Protasio

This refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail from Bryan Dayton is featured in Julia Bainbridge’s book, Good Drinks. It is sweet and mildly bitter from Seedlip Garden 108 with botanical notes that shine with the addition of fragrant, herbal tonic water.
Shift drink

Image Credit: Matt Taylor-Gross

The Shift Drink is a combination of freshly squeezed grapefruit and lemon juices, an intensely fragrant spiced honey syrup, ginger beer, and one of our favourite non-alcoholic cocktails, Amass Riverine.
Chicha Morada

Image Credit: Abby Hocking

Chicha morada, a refreshing sweet-tart Peruvian drink, gets its gorgeous hue from dried purple corn. Garnished with chunks of pineapple and apple and spiced with cinnamon and cloves, this sangria-like mocktail is the perfect summer drink.
Oriole’s G&T Tisane

Image Credit: Victor Protasio

From Chicago restaurant Oriole, this chilled tisane calls for juniper berries, coriander seeds, osmanthus flowers, Szechuan peppercorns, white peppercorns, and mustard seeds.
Mango hibiscus cooler

Image Credit: Victor Protasio

Let guests choose their own adventure with this make-ahead mixer flavoured with sweet mango nectar and sour-tart hibiscus syrup. It’s especially delicious on the rocks with sparkling water.
Psychedelic backyard

Image Credit: Matt Taylor-Gross

Verjus adds a pleasant kick of acidity to this non-alcoholic cocktail from mixologist and author John deBary.


Sangrita is the traditional chaser for shots of tequila. This recipe comes from Arunas Bruzas, the bartender at the Adobo Grill in Chicago.
Baby marmalade
Image Credit: Lucas Allen

John deBary uses both ginger juice and ginger syrup in this mocktail. “Ginger replicates that pleasant burn from the vodka in the original,” he says.
(Credit for Hero and Feature Image: Matt Taylor-Gross)
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