Like every year, Valérie Messika has added new touches to her iconic Move collection to ensure that it remains fresh. Having worked a great deal with gold and diamonds, she is now set out to get to know a whole new material: leather.

For her, for him or for us. With this range, Valerie Messika has stepped up further and mastered the challenge of jewelry that can be shared across the sexes, which can be swapped, stacked and shared. Similar to borrowing your boyfriend’s oversized jumper, you can also nab his My Move bracelet. This piece of jewelry is fun to wear and pairs perfectly with a variety of outfits. Build up your collection and show them off day and night.

The pieces can be customized according to individual preferences and can be worn on their own or with other My Move bracelets, giving many combinations indeed there are more than 300 bracelet combinations available. My Move provides a blank canvas where anything is possible. The leather juxtaposes with the sparkle from the white diamond, the shimmer of the white, pink or yellow gold and the strength of the natural titanium, graphite or anthracite.

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