Beautiful People Pre-Spring 2022 Collection

What if the way to wear a garment is not one but many?

What if we can create a fresh look with fewer pieces in our closet?

Onegarmentfits various scenes.

This season, beautiful people showed its further development in the design concept “Side-C” and “DOUBLE-END”,
the transformative look at classics that focuses on innovative pattern making

in order to offer multiple ways to wear and interpret garments.

2022 Spring Collection introduces new angles to look at garments.

Not only the top and the bottom of the garment can be flipped,

the side and the front of the garment can also be swapped to create completely new silhouettes and expressions.

In addition to the development of pattern making,

the introduction of double-faced textile also created different expressions between the inside and the outside of the garment.

By multiplying the pattern and the textile, materials were shaped up into pieces that

cross the boundaries between day and night, daily and fancy, masculine and feminine… etc.

Styling is interchangeable.

The same pieces do not look the same.

Wearing a tight pencil dress to a fancy dinner while go home with a full belly in a skirt with an elastic waistband.

Simply turning the garment upside down, change from one shape to another,
 “Side-C”, the transformative design concept, a new convention proposed by beautiful people.

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