Painted Wallpaper, la nouvelle collection de papiers peints à impression numérique d'Elena Carozzi

Printed Wallpaper collection

Elena Carozzi presents her new digitally printed wallpaper collection. The production of these is fruit of the artist’s research, over many years, into handpainted wallpapers. These have been characterized by her studies in both art and decoration. By means of an accurate scanning process, careful control of colour and digital printing of the highest technological quality, the final product retains a strong continuity with the size of the original hand painted gesture. Furthermore due to careful research into the finest printing supports the results reflect both the visual and tactile sensations of the original prototypes. The motifs on Elena Carozzi’s wallpapers are inspired by naturalistic themes and create a suggestive continuity between painting and environment. In fact the viewer is immersed in a life size pictorial world, in an evocative atmosphere reminiscent of the painted interiors from the French post- impressionist tradition. The wallpapers may be used to decorate an entire room or to decorate a specific space in relation to other objets d’art, thus creating a unique atmosphere that can be adapted to different environments and styles of furnishing. Each particular subject is available as a series. Alternatively a chosen number may be hung on panels and framed like a picture , hung as decorative panels , mounted and articulated like a screen or placed inside the frames of existing wooden wall panels.

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