Hard Seltzer Two Palms

Two surf and outdoor industry leaders have launched a new Hard Seltzer brand in the Basque Country. A new refreshing low-alcohol drink, inspired by beach culture and nature, artisanal production, promotion of convivial moments and environmentally friendly choices. Made with natural ingredients, under the direction of its own brewmaster in an independent brewery, Two Palms is a sparkling, 4.5% alcohol by fermentation, zero sugar, low calorie and gluten free beverage.

Derek O’Neill (ex-CEO of Billabong Int’l, founding shareholder and managing director of Vissla Europe) and Steve Veytia (a leader in the surf, fashion and wine industry for 25 years) created Two Palms Artisanal, launched in Bidart (64) at the end of April. Investors include world surfing tour athletes Jeremy Flores and Miky Picon, Roxy Global Athlete Manager Mathias Maallem, French rugby star Teddy Thomas and international model Filippa Hamilto, all of whom were attracted by the way the product is made: after the sugar fermentation process, carefully selected natural fruit flavors are added. “Packaged in pastel-colored 330 ml cans, Two Palms is a light and refreshing drink to have fun with while enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of the region where it originated,” says Yann Fessier, General Manager. Three flavors are currently offered, Lemon/Lime, Tangerine/Pomegranate and Peach. The company plans to roll out across France and other European markets in the near future, starting with Portugal in 2022…

Indeed, Hard Seltzer is a powerful new category in the global beverage market, with sales of over $7 billion in the US by 2021.

In addition to online sales at https://twopalms.fr/saveurs/, Two Palms Hard Seltzer is currently available at a unit price of 2,90 euros ttc mainly in the South West region of France in selected bars, restaurants, cafes, beach bars and supermarkets. Thanks to sustained sales, it is already outperforming the market average with very strong visibility.

TWO PALMS ARTISANAL SAS 11 rue Bazter, 64210 Bidart 05 59 85 56 94 – contact@twopalms – twopalms.fr

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