Jade Jagger Jewellery and Fashion shop opens in London

Jade Jagger logoJade Jagger, progeny of Mick Jagger and Bianca, queen of Ibiza and without doubt one of the coolest girls in the world is also a very talented jewellery designer. After working as creative director for Garrard, the historic London jeweller for years, she started offering her own line of luxury jewellery and is now opening her shop  on All Saints Street, in Notting Hill.

Following the launching party on Wednesday, the shop opens its doors this Friday and will sell her namesake fine jewellery line, sooooo rock ‘n’ roll and fun, playing around the main motifs of totemic skulls and lips: gold plated rosaries, necklaces, rings, bracelets and pendants, donned with skulls or kiss-shaped.  It will also present her clothing line, with gorgeous boho-luxe dresses in limited-edition colours.
I’m aware this is a cheesy line but hey, don’t get jaded!
Jade Jagger Studio, 43 All Saints Road, London W11 1HE – http://www.jadejagger.co.uk

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