Pure Hollywoodian Glamour at the Getty Images Gallery

The Getty Images Gallery (London) celebrates Hollywood’s 100th anniversary with a glamorous event, Hollywood through the lens. The exhibition, sponsored by Canon, started on 8th March. 

 Iconic images of Hollywood stars from the early days of the silver screen through to present-day box office heavyweights are displayed and take visitors on a journey from the 1920s, showing the evolution of Hollywood portraits through the golden age of cinema through to modern icons.

Joan Crawford
Joan Crawford

Clark Gable at his desk
Clark Gable at his desk

Star Trio
Star Trio

The images featured in the exhibition have been specially selected by both Canon and Getty Images Gallery from Getty Images’ archives, to represent both the influential individuals and photographic styles which shaped the decades. In addition to highlighting the changing fashions and faces of Hollywood, the images also offer a unique insight into the changing technology, techniques and styles of portrait photography enabled by the early cameras to the high resolution professional digital SLRs of today.

“The early days of Hollywood showcase the passion and creativity of the photographers of the age, using available technology and processes to capture a split-second magical image which tell a rich story of the subject, the era and even the cinematic style of the day,” commented Getty Images Gallery Director Louise Garczewska. “Every image featured in the exhibit allows us to appreciate the skills of the photographers behind the lens, and share their vision of Hollywood captured at that moment.”  

The exhibition is ending soon, so hurry up! 

Лори Гиллем

Admission is free – The gallery opening hours are from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday.

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