Aminaka Wilmont London Fashion Week

The husband and wife team behind Aminaka Wilmont, Maki Aminaka Löfvander and Marcus Wilmont of continued their muted design palette and its well crafted design philosophy that concentrates on subtle detailing and championing complexed digital prints.
Inspired by the work of Cormac McCarthy the collection focused on times of strife and war.
Its a collection that mimics times of social unrest and inner conflicts, perhaps an interpretation of the mood of the world post the economic boom.
Times of unrest echoed in the collection through the thoughtful use of Silk Jersey, heavy Crepe de Chine, Merino wool knit and stark leather styled with wonderful windswept hair that perfectly framed that distraught mood of the collection.
Feathers adorning the hair in the most attention grabbing pieces gave models a bird’s nest look type of hair.
With hemlines ending above the knee, the models showcased draped black rubber ‘hooves’ like shoes that further emphasized on the distraught almost post apocalyptic mood.

Fernando Torres
Images by Alexander James

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