Ann-Sofie Back London Fashion Week

Swedish designer Ann-Sofie Back returned to show in London after a brief stint at Copenhagen Fashion Week last year.
Back once again shined a light on the obscure, x-rated and more seedy parts of society by exploring the online game phenomenon ‘Second Life’ in which people create avatars that ultimately represents who the user wished to be, and interact as this person with other individuals.
Skin shaped drapey georgette skirts, sheer-peachy blousses tell the tale of Ann-Sofie’s Second Life Angelina Jolie inspired alter-ego that like so many others according to the designer “adopts and conforms creating a page 3 type of avatar”
Cuts on distressed indigo and black denim exaggerated the body shapes of the models and by highlighting hipbones, muscles, six-packs and breasts, much like the game.
Ann-Sofie’s designs certainly maintains to wonderfully stimulate ones intellect, however it is not always these empowering ideas and comments on modern consumer culture transcend into great fashion.
However Ann-Sofie Back still remains one the most interesting intellectual creatives that certainly has the potential to
evolve her brilliant social awareness into true testaments of the time we live in all through her innate, minimalistic approach to creating
a show stopper.

Fernando Torres
Iamges by Alexander James

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