Maria Francesca Pepe Spring / Summer 2011 London Fashion Week

Maria Francesca Pepe
Spring / Summer 2011

Its an incredible injustice to describe Maria Francesca Pepe’s as a mere jewellery designer, as her work is incredibly directional, with more similarities to that of a visionary artist than an accessory designer.
Maria Francesca turned the her 1920s inspired salon presentation into an interactive modern hang out with a live look book filming and shooting (by the amazing photographer Daniel Gil).
The presentation never lost its intimacy though as Pepe and her team happily greeted and talked editors and stylist through the collection.
The Italian born designer showcased incredibly inspired pieces drawing its references from the work of iconic artist Frida Kahlo and her passion for the macabre and ability of turning turn pain into art.
This was manifested through Pepe’s approach to the use of accessory as ‘jewellery-wear’, an external part of the garment and not something to accentuate a look. The multitude of chains united outlining ribcages, spines was a recurring part of the collection.
At its best it formed part of a fabulous exoskeleton (much like Kahlo’s paintings who often depicted her defunct back) over simple a??????nd light silk crepe chiffon maxi dresses or acid colour jersey pieces.
A sombre, yet passionate collection that will no doubt be seen in every major
fashion bible out there.

Fernando Torres

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