Chopard, the official Jeweller of film “Diana”

Chopard, the official Jeweller of film “Diana”

Chopard enjoys a rich and illustrious history with the world of cinema and its icons of the silver screen. For many years the Swiss luxury watchmaker and jeweller has played a dazzling leading role within the film industry, not only as jeweller to the stars but also as both Official Partner to the Cannes Film Festival and creator of the much coveted Palme d’Or and Trophée Chopard.
Now comes a very special new project, upcoming film “Diana”. Chopard is very proud to be the exclusive jewellery and watch partner for this film and to dress Naomi Watt’s character, who is playing Diana, Princess of Wales.
Robert Bernstein, Producer of the film, says: “I am delighted to be working with Chopard on ‘Diana’.  It is a very exciting and appropriate partnership for the film”.

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