Sadaels AW 21-22 presentation PFW

SADELS presents its autumn winter 2021/22 collection on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar with a short film directed by Hernan Corera and produced by Mama Hungara called “Paraiso”. This multidisciplinary collaboration, the second between Corera and Sadaels, seeks to reinforce the concept of Creole surrealism, already present in the previous film “A true love”. The film is characterized by a debt to Latin American magical realism and a rarefied aesthetic based on Argentinian eclecticism. The short film tells a rural fable in which two women’s teams compete for the victory of a bocce ball game inside a chapel. Assisted by magical avatars they seek to twist their fortunes until a mysterious chant breaks the definition of the match. Guided by the voice, players and spectators leave the game to attend a bucolic scene of singing and lute between Virginia Correa Dupuy and Vida Spinetta interpreting “En que nos parecemos” (Spanish folk song popularized by Maria Elena Walsh in 1958). The short also has the presence of Fabian Serna (Malambo Champion in Laborde 2020). 

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