“I always love celebrating femininity in each of my collections being shown in fashion shows, and now with my fashion films. This particular film, even with its dark tones, has a lot of symbolisms and underlying messages about womanhood, fearlessness, bravery, survival and hope. The film is a story about a woman seeking for inner freedom while living in the middle of an uncertain world being influenced by her own good and bad thoughts but at the end finding her true self and facing her own fears.” said Furne One, Founder and Creative Genius behind the successful Dubai couture brand AMATO Couture.
Critically-acclaimed Dubai-based fashion house AMATO Couture unveil new collection presented in a fashion film, produced by Josh Yugen of the trending celebrity agency YUGEN Group, which also produced the worldwide trending Arab Fashion Week in 2018 of South East Asian Superstar Maymay Entrata – the very first Filipina to open the Arab Fashion Week and Bollywood Superstar Urvashi Rautela’s Arab Fashion Week debut last October 2020.
Hope and Freedom surrounds ‘Inner Sanctum’, the all black collection premiered last night, March 28 at the virtual Arab Fashion Week.
With the launch of his new creation, Furne One has unveiled a new short film, starring Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, in which the occult, almost transcendental aura of the collection is omnipresent.
Using his signature fabrics such as tulle and laces with hand-embroideries and volumized ruffle gowns, the 5-minute fashion film titled ‘Inner Sanctum’ which means a very private and holy place, is a sartorial homage of AMATO’s quest to life. The film is all about a woman’s journey to life; distracted by her inner good and evil but eventually finding her own strength and confronting her own fears to face the uncertain world.

For the fashion film, the team commissioned Dubai-based director Alex Suhorucov to create an imaginary new world set in Sharjah’s Buhais Geology Park for its out of this world rock formations and geological landscapes while the photo editorial of the collection was shot by Vlad Ivanov.
Watch the full video here:

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Valentino launches a makeup collection hailed for its inclusivity

Inclusivity is at the heart of this debut Valentino Beauty makeup collection, designed for all skin tones thanks to its (very) wide range of shades. But eager beauty fans will have to wait a few days more to discover the products in this collection, set to be unveiled May 31 at Selfridges, London.
The Valentino fashion house’s spectacular, sculptural creations — acclaimed as much at fashion week as at the most prestigious red carpet events — may be known in the fashion world and beyond, but what about the beauty looks that accompany these outfits? Well, you’ll soon be able to reproduce them live in your bathroom thanks to the upcoming launch of the first makeup collection from the luxury brand Valentino Beauty.
Conceived by Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Maison Valentino, the collection is designed to offer a connection between the worlds of fashion and beauty, giving pride of place to the luxury label’s signature codes. But the collection is also about inclusivity and self-expression, since, from its very launch, this makeup line will feature no fewer than 40 foundation shades and 50 lipstick colours. These will be joined by a selection of eye products.
“Valentino Beauty is human beauty, a couture makeup open to all genders, ages, and cultures,” the fashion house explains in a statement.
It’s a commitment that’s also likely to be expressed through the collection’s first ad campaign. In fact, rather than opting for the usual ambassador fronting the collection, there will be 16 “eclectic talents” representing the different facets of the Valentino brand.
“Beauty is a complexity resolved through love. Beauty is democratic. I look at the identity of each individual, the uniqueness that encloses diversity and inclusivity. Beauty is about grace. Grace is something that you cannot describe, it is a perception,” commented Pierpaolo Piccioli.
The debut Valentino Beauty makeup collection, which features refillable lipsticks and palettes, will be presented at Selfridges, London, May 31, ahead of a worldwide launch beginning in August 2021.
This article was published via ETX Daily Up.
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