Maserati Presents MC20 Camouflage Car Cover

Since its epoch-making debut last September, Maserati’s MC20 has set new standards in terms of performance, innovation and style. The new sports-car is set to continue to turn heads with the launch of Maserati’s latest must-have accessory – the all new MC20 camouflage car cover features an iconic mimetic MC20 logo print and is crafted from a breathable, elastic fabric lined with a soft fleece. This ensures both a snug fit and that MC20 will continue to set a new style-standard, even when under wraps in the garage. Can you find MC20? Never before has ‘blending in’ made such a strong impression.

Photo Credit: Stefano Guindani. Models: Matilde Canuti and Shin Hee.  The MC20 car cover will soon be available for order both from official Maserati stocklists, and from

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