…the angelic and fantastical dream that led me home… thom browne women’s and men’s fall 2021 collection in the land of grey skies… our story begins with lindsey vonn… our story begins with goodbyes… i so love it here … with you, my friends … but i do so love being home … three golden clicks, one big whoosh and she’s off… over peaks, through valleys, her chariot flies on, to the top of mount hector… a meeting with an angelic guide… a greeting from hector, a nod to go on… down the mountain at terrific speed. met by a celebration of evening wear. carving a fresh white canvas…a tuxedo dream but then, another guide, another nod… faster down the mountain, guide five, six, seven… just then a pause… the ninth guide looks on… a moment of solitude, she looks to the valley, to lead the way home… another nod, she’s off again… guide ten, eleven, twelve… an inspiration of athleticism. the joy of competition. a story told in black tie. guide fifteen and sixteen frame an ending, a gesture of home… silent snow becomes silent room, eyes open slowly… was it all a dream? i love being home… i love being home… i love being home… …lindsey vonn introduces the viewer to thom browne’s fall 2021 runway collection… menswear for women, womenswear for men… formalwear meets sportswear, sportswear meets formalwear… centered, a button back off-shoulder lapel dress with an oversized drape in gold lamé, an oversized tailcoat gown with drawstrings and backpack straps in gold lamé… accessories finished in mirrored gold leather, a mr. thom backpack, buckled ski boots with curved heels… mr. and mrs. thom embroidery and appliques, dancing across cashmere, silk taffeta, mohair and fair isle lace, playing in winter toile scenic quilting, alongside drawcord details, city patches and brass trims… a nod from hector, a limousine bag made for a black tie pup, a friendly trolley, ski goggle baguettes, a trunk doctor bag all in black pebble leather… a story told in black tie…

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