Autumn WInter

March 2nd


Ottolinger AW21 is a collection for a drastically changed world. 

We have lost and renewed our faith in the power of creativity. A duality embedded in our ‘future-elf’ collection which features healing knits, comforting dresses, exaggerated and dreamlike prints by Cheyenne Julien, business suits for the 3rd dimension, and shielding outerwear intuitively sculpted as if by nature, after a billion of years of random mutations. 

The clothes have the ability to convey a variety of effects, from comfort, to happiness or intense curiosity – often at the same time. 

Ottolinger AW21 is fundamentally a grand tale of both realism and futural magic; a melding of past-reinterpretation and future-hopecrafting, that draws on themes of rebellion, resistance, transformation of tradition, and a defiance of authority: all key pillars of the ‘future-elf’ aesthetic.

Ottolinger – Christa Bösch & Cosima Gadient 

Lookphotos – Mark Peckmezian

Photos by Shotti NYC featuring Cheyenne Julien, Tau Lewis, Eric N. Mack

Video Art Direction/CGI – New Format 

Video Directed by Felix Aaron

VFX Lead – Felix Geen 

Styling – Ursina Gysi

Hair/Make-up Video – Adiam Habtezion

Hair/Make-up Photos – Naomi Gugler

Casting – Julia Lange Casting

Music/Sound – Ville Haimla 

Lyrics – Rhea Dillon

Artworks by Cheyenne Julien 

Selected shoes in collaboration with Ugo Paulon 

Production – Miriam-Leah Hess

DoP – Julian Jonas Schmitt 

Assistant Camera – Malte Siepen 

Assistant Hair/Make-up – Andri Omori


Maidatou Agbere, Marie Berger, Isabelle Breska, Zoe Brüggenwerth, Esra Cümert, Yvonne Du, Lia Marlen Grosse, Valentine Valero, Lakota Wijonarko 

Press – Ritual Project Paris – [email protected]

Sales – Tomorrow Ltd – [email protected]

Ottolinger Team – Jackie Lee, Sofia Metsoviti, Henriette Zimmermann, Jun Takeuchi, Lotte Schönfeld 

Special Thank You 

Alain, Anna, Asli, Bill, Burak, Cheyenne, Ertrugul, Fabrizio, Joost, Jürg, Lisa, Marco, Melina, Nicole, Nina, Robin, Stefano, Tsokas, Olivia

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