Kross Studio x Lucasfilm Ltd. release Death Star Ultimate Collector Set


Each limited-edition set is composed of a Death Star– inspired Tourbillon watch and an authentic kyber crystal movie prop from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, delivered in an Imperial kyber crystal container*

Kross Studio has achieved a stunning and significant milestone within just months of the company’s official launch, collaborating with Lucasfilm on this brand-new *Star Wars*™- inspired set.
The release pays tribute to the iconic Star Wars space saga, creating a 10-piece series of Death Star™-inspired Ultimate Collector Sets, for those who savor *Star Wars* history as much as high-end design objects. Crafted to the finest standards of Swiss design and engineering, this set is the perfect companion for collectors. Own a piece of cinematic history Kross Studio brings the emblematic power of the Death Star to life as the imposing design details of the mobile space station and planet-destroying superweapon is featured as the cornerstone of this new collection.
Each collectible set contains an official screen-used kyber crystal – the power source of the Death Star’s superlaser – as featured in *Rogue One: A Star Wars Story*. This marks the first time that authentic kyber crystal props will be released to the public as part of Kross Studio ultimate collector set and are an opportunity for die-hard fans to own a piece of the fascinating *Star Wars *galaxy.

An eminent design object with an immersive visual experience The powerful and precious nature of the crystals required them to be stored in armored crates for transport. Faithful to the film storytelling, Kross Studio conceived an official reproduction of those containers, made of wood and aluminum.
More than 700 parts were necessary to produce each container, scaled to half the original film dimensions of 3.94 feet long (1.20 meters). Fully hand-assembled and hand-painted, the containers embody the iconic saga story down to the smallest detail. Every aspect of these substantial art objects, like fine sculptures, have been thoroughly conceptualized and executed with immersive details that take the viewer into the *Star Wars* galaxy, from the electronic control panel to the backlit manifest panel inscribed in the Aurebesh language of the Galactic Empire.
Inside, the container is divided into nine storage units. Three interior sections secure three removable capsules, containing: the Death Star Tourbillon watch, three accompanying timepiece straps sets, and the genuine movie prop kyber crystal, as featured in the film *Rogue One: A Star Wars Story*. The other 6 free storage spaces within the crate offer ample storage space for collectors to house their personal *Star Wars *collectibles and ephemera, secured within a removable top cover.

Inspired by the Death Star legacy Kross Studio took up the challenge of the central tourbillon – a mechanical complication honoring the prominent Death Star. Featured in a 45 mm black DLC coated grade 5 titanium case, the captivating Death Star-inspired Tourbillon cage makes one revolution per minute. On the surface of the Death Star-inspired Tourbillon, a green superlaser cannon stands reminiscent of the space station’s kyber crystal enabled power.
The Death Star-inspired Tourbillon watch itself tells us a great story of passion, craftsmanship and advanced technology. Notable technical innovations are highlighted such as the house-developed manual-winding mechanical movement that delivers a robust 5-day power reserve. The hands have been affixed to a peripheral display that orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon. A traditional crown system has been replaced by an ingenious, inset push-button system. Kross Studio developed a D-ring shaped crown on the case back for winding the watch, stowed out of sight to help maintain the timepiece’s sleek, space-age styling. These clean lines are also preserved by cleverly hiding quick-release buttons on the underside of the case. This practical feature will doubtless be welcomed by collectors, allowing a quick change of the straps from the included calfskin leather strap to either of the two other included rubber straps.

Celebrate in our own galaxy Endlessly explore this beautiful design piece, where *Star Wars* iconography is subtly inserted to sublimate the whole, such as the esthetic Galactic Empire emblem and the push-button featuring an engraving in Aurebesh script – one of the most widely used alphabets in the Star Wars galaxy. Moreover, the hour hand takes the shape of an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, the bane of the rebellion, while the minute hand appears as a Super-Class Star Destroyer, able to carry no less than 38,000 stormtroopers. At last, the fixed hours wheel, filled with white superluminova “blue emission”, is inspired by the lighting halls embedded in the Imperial vessels.
Only 10 of these Death Star-inspired Collector Sets will ever be produced, but their launch is just the first of more exciting *Star Wars*-inspired products to come from Kross Studio as they look forward to bringing the most breathtaking and immersive experiences to their fans and customers.

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Excited for Space Jam: The New Legacy? Look out for this limited edition watch from Kross Studio

Kross Studio might be a young one in the world of watchmaking but it’s using its youth to great advantage.
Unlike brands who have century-long legacies and heritage to preserve, this indie name is making a name for itself by marrying pop culture with watchmaking — and it’s having tons of fun in the process. Fresh after its Death Star Tourbillon — a glorious tribute to the Empire’s ultimate weapon — the Swiss-based collective of five entrepreneurs have their sights set on another blockbuster revival: Space Jam.
Designed to commemorate the 16th July theatrical release of Space Jam: A New Legacy, the limited edition Kross Studio Space Jam Tourbillon is a playful tribute to the classic animation and basketball, with details that fans of both will thoroughly enjoy.

Based on the same platform as the Star Wars special, this 45mm timepiece sees a Grade 5 titanium case that’s been rounded and brushed to form a smooth, pebble-like case, without a traditional crown to interrupt the silhouette. Instead, the watch uses a folding D-ring style crown that’s mounted flush against the sapphire display caseback. A flush pusher at three o’clock swaps between winding and time-setting functions.
The central tourbillon remains to be the focal point in this timepiece, with a hemispherical basketball-shaped cage over it that lends plenty of visual depth. That’s not all the mechanical quirks Kross Studio has to show for; the hands are built on a planetary gear system that sees both hands supported from below, creating the illusion that they’re floating above the outer ring gear.

While the minute hand takes on a simple  skeleton paddle design, the hour hand take the sporty theme further by resembling a basketball court’s free throw lane. It travels around an outer ring that’s finished with bright basketball orange PVD — again, a nod to the theme.
It’s on the rich blue PVD inner ring, however,  that the real Space Jam magic lies. The contrasting feature sports detailed engravings of the Looney Tunes’ Tune Squad basketball team, from Tweety Bird and Sylvester, to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Lola Bunny. Even Speedy Gonzales, Wile E. Coyote, and Road Runner make an appearance.

Inside, the manufacture KS 7000 hand-wound skeleton tourbillon movement sees movement wheels that also has basketball motifs, with a broad mainspring barrel that that’s flanked by blue PVD skeleton bridges. This mainspring barrel is capable of an impressive power reserve of 120 hours.

Two straps are part of the deal here, one a tapering rubber lined calf leather strap in royal blue, and another made from a bold orange laser abraded rubber that has the same bumpy texture as a basketball. Presentation has always been a big part of Kross Studio’s offerings; in this case, the limited edition watch comes goes within an oak wood and aluminium basketball sculpture. Lift the wooden ball sculpture from its base and a storage compartment for the watch reveals itself.
If you want a bit of pop culture on your wrist, you’ll have to act fast because only 10 of the Kross Studio Space Jam Tourbillon will be made and sold for US$100,000 (approx. S$134,550).
Find out more here.
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