Treating the body as a canvas and conceived of as a second skin, the new collection from Caroline Gaspard – infused with the spirit of the tribal warrior – marries oceanic lines with *Akillis*’s signature style. Offered in Black & White, this line plays with a palette as bold as it is pure, as masculine as it is feminine.
*The Tattoo collection** – which offers everything from pieces for everyday wear to spectacular high jewelry – is designed for anyone and everyone who want their jewels to dazzle in the morning, the evening, and back again – without even having to think about it!*
*You can place or remove these “tattoos” whenever and wherever you like! You can complete your collection – or not – over the course of years, or on a whim, or to commemorate an event, or as a symbol of friendship or love. Bridging the permanent and the iconic,Tattoo is for lovers of body art and for neophytes alike.*

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