L’ETO: City’s Best Breakfast

Start the day right at L’ETO, one of Dubai’s chicest restaurants, with a delicious and expansive breakfast spread on offer. Whether its Eggs Benedicts, outrageously delicious pancakes or the freshest acai bowl, L’ETO has got you covered. 

Open from 9 AM every day, L’ETO caters to all food palettes, healthy and indulgent. The English is an elevated version of the classics with a choice of eggs, homemade fava beans, beef bacon, succulent sumac sausages and assortment of veggies.


For those looking for healthier options, Do-It-Yourself Avocado Toast features full avocado in basil olive oil ready to be smashed on the plate by a guest, the Fit & Lean Avocado Quinoa, Poached Eggs Bowl – pure and carb-free dish and the Green Breakfast Halloumi Bowl will keep you healthy stuffed. Yet the absolute healthy stars are The Vegan platter which includes scrambled tofu & sumac & miso baby aubergines, and the Açai Granola Bowl with coconut yoghurt and more.


While those looking to indulge, rich choices like the Lobster Benedict are aplenty. Complete with the perfect kick of sugar, the menu features fluffy Ricotta Pancakes, Strawberry and Banana Pancakes, Caramel Crust French Toast and House-made Crêpes. 


Finally, the regional classic – Traditional Turkish Breakfast, a large tray completed with eggs in garlic and dill yoghurt served with typical spreads and sides is a true highlight of the menu.

Whether it’s the morning after a night-out, catching up with friends first thing in the morning or grabbing a bite after a school run, your favorite neighborhood dining destination, L’ETO has something for everyone. 

Visit https://letocaffe.ae/ the website for more information.

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Breakfast talk: Why you should always start your day with a bowl of oats

A hearty bowl of oatmeal is just what you need to fill you up in the morning. This food item is popular amongst the fitness community, and there’s a myriad of ways to prepare it.
But what’s so special about oatmeal? First, is the fact that it’s nutritious; it’s a good source of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For a grain, it’s also high in protein packing as much as 16.9 grams of protein per 100 gram serving. This means it can fill you up longer than most types of breakfast.
Then there’s the fact that it’s easy to prepare. Stirring oats over the stove in the morning can be deeply meditative. For those who seek comfort in routine during these uncertain times, a simple oatmeal recipe could just be what you need to find your centre of gravity.
Bu here’s the thing, oatmeal is extremely flexible and there are multiple recipes out there to create tasty meals with it too.
Here’s our guide to getting more of the good stuff on your breakfast table.
Pick your oats
There are three types of oats to choose from: steel-cut oats, rolled oats, and of course, instant. While rolled and instant oats are the preferred choices, steel-cut oats are actually the healthiest out of the bunch. It’s less processed to give healthy nutrients with a chewier texture – most would use steel-cut oats in savoury soup dishes.
Rolled oats are whole grains that are steamed and then pressed with steel rollers. Why people would opt for rolled oats is due to their soft texture and creamier base as it absorbs easily. This is a popular choice to pair with your regular oatmeal, oat cookies and overnight oats recipes.
If you’ve used instant oatmeal before, don’t be guilty about it — we all did at some point. It cooks faster and is pretty straight forward to make, although it’s only healthier if you picked an unsweetened option if you still want the nutrients in your body.
Spice up your oats: 

From sweet to savoury oats, here’s a guide for you to ace a good oatmeal dish. You’ll also learn how to prep it in various ways to your liking, whether with milk or water. We have our eye on the savoury oatmeal with eggs and spinach.

You can never go wrong with overnight oats, especially on days you have a hectic schedule. All you need is to spare some time the night before to prep your oats and enjoy it the next morning. Here are a few recipes you can enjoy and switch up every week.

Lastly, here’s something trendy to try: baked oatmeal. Yes, you read that right. Consider this a fancier upgrade to your regular oatmeal recipes to impress your partner on the weekends. Call it a filling breakfast or a sweet dessert, be sure to check it out and tell us you’re not drooling over the chocolatey goodness already.
Keep in mind that oatmeal doesn’t always have to be bland, pale and boring. Amp it up with your favourite fruits and spreads as toppings with cacao/protein powder of choice to make your mornings every single time.
See the original post here.
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Top vegan food Instagram accounts to follow

Vegan food has really gained momentum over the last few years.
And it’s not just a trend but a lifestyle to preach. Nosh it up with the healthiest and yummiest vegan food that is more than just #foodporn. Follow these vegan accounts on Instagram for inspiration.
Six Vegan Sisters
Follow for: Triple chocolate cookies, no-bake chocolate peanut butter crunch bars, peanut butter and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, mini cookie dough chocolate eggs, and more sweet stuff.
 Janet’s Munch Meals
Follow for: All about plant-based munchie meals, follow this page for peanut ginger noodles, Udon with veggies and soy curls, roasted veggie and peas pasta, stir-fried noodles with carrots and tofu, noodles with crispy tofu, veggies & edamame, and more vegan Italian meals.
Dates and Avocados
Follow for: You’ll see how a plant-based pastry chef brings artful desserts to life. Look out for desserts such as blood orange & chocolate raw cake, mango & lime mini raw cake, raw brownies with a swirl of avocado & cacao cream, matcha raw cake with a lemon & black charcoal frosting, and more.
Thriving on Plants
Follow for: Their food shots are so Instagrammable that even those that don’t cook may pick up the spatula in the kitchen. Bookmark them for gluten-free and vegan blueberry pancakes, lemon blueberry cheesecake, vegan kimbap, sun-dried tomato pesto pasta, and more.
Healthy Little Vittles
Follow for: Surprise your palates (and your kid’s) with fun recipes while you are self-isolating at home with match manuka chia popsicles, oatmeal cookie whoopie pies, grain-free raspberry pie pops, marble cookies, and more.
Vegan Richa
Follow for: A traditional Indian meal straight out of the local pantry. Look her up for potato quinoa waffles, vegan churro scones, vegan lentil soup, jackfruit sandwiches and burgers, bulgogi roasted spring veggie bowl, and more.
Naturally Jo.
Bo’s Kitchen
Follow for: For two words only, comfort food. While we associate comfort food with fast food, Bo’s Kitchen will change your mind with her banana waffles, blueberry buns, apple galette, passionfruit cheesecake, cinnamon apple crêpes, and more.
Upbeet Anisha
Follow for: Making regular Indian food look super tempting and delectable. Keep an eye out for vegetable Malabar curry, baked falafel bowl, whole wheat naan, kale salad with lemon, miso and tahini salad, and more.
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