Ikigai’s New Tokyo Mix Friday Brunch

Ikigai is the perfect brunch venue with good food in a funky atmosphere and will be launching on 4th June from 2pm – 5pm, the Ikigai street chic Tokyo Mix Friday Brunch promising an upbeat and edgy vibe with signature dishes and fusion cocktails.

It serves up bold Japanese flavors with a delicious twist, taking you straight to the streets of Tokyo without having to leave Dubai.

Diners can expect authentic Asian dishes inspired by Japan’s famous street taverns. The three-course menu includes a selection of sharing-style appetizers, a mouth-watering main dish and a selection of delectable desserts. To start, diners are in for a surprise with Chef Ted’s “Special Creation” while sushi lovers can enjoy a fresh Sashimi and Maki platter. Then, the menu offers a choice of signature dishes including Ikigai’s Wagyu Beef Burger, Miso Grilled Chicken, and Shrimpops with Crazy Asian Mayo; and in the end, Chocolate Cookie Sando, Mango Lime Sorbet, or Seasonal Fruit Platter.

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