Sub-500 GT Incat Crowther 48 ShadowCat

After the recent successful delivery of the 68m WayfinderIncat Crowther and YCTS, Ltd. announce the release of a new 48m sub-500GT catamaran shadow yacht concept: ToyBox.

This shadow yacht it’s a first of its kind and can be built in only 18 months at a very attractive price range, at ARMON Shipyards, in Spain. It was designed by Incat Crowther and YCTS, Ltd. to incorporate many of the award-winning features of the larger ShadowCat designs, but on a smaller hull platform to suit the needs of owners who require support for 50-to-70m superyachts.

The 48m ToyBox has a 12-metre beam, and a draft of 2.15 meters which permits close coastline navigation. It includes a helipad, 14+ crew accommodation and storage over three decks. The 13m helipad is fully-certified and CAP437 compliant for helicopters. 

The large aft main deck allows for three tenders up to 10 metres in length in the base configuration. The launch and recovery system consists of overhead beam cranes. Forward of this, the main deck cabin houses facilities such as deck store, galley, mess and accommodation. 

The innovative catamaran hull form offers 40% more volume and 60% more deck space, allowing for crew accommodations and greater amounts of payload to be stored. Additionally, the catamaran hull design is proven to be more efficient, delivering less fuel burn and higher speeds, with a 70-percent increase in stability during offloading/loading operations.

BOAT International Magazine honoured ShadowCat with its World Superyacht Award, in the support vessel category, for the 66m Hodor concept and design, in 2020. Baird Maritime similarly honoured Hodor with the 2019 Best Super Yacht Support Vessel Award.

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