Furla Progetto Italia

Furla develops an ambitious project aimed at exalting its Italian manufacturing legacy while creating a profound link with the most beautiful and untouched natural landscape.

Furla Progetto Italia is a hub for creativity, production, research, experimentation and education, located in the heart of the Chianti area, at Tavernelle Val di Pesa (Florence), where Effeuno S.r.l., the manufacturing platform that Furla acquired in 2018, is already located.

Furla Progetto Italia is spread over a surface of 43,000-square-meter, of which 18,200 mq built. It was conceived by Udine’s Geza studio, winner in 2019 and in 2017 of the American Architecture Prize for the Architectural Design / Industrial Buildings category, and of the Architizer A+Awards Prize for the Glazing Systems & Product category, creating a new, innovative and harmonious relationship between industrial architecture and nature, resulting in an environment celebrating individuals’ well being in the workspace.    

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Bond Building’s bespoke window and door systems do more than look good

Look no further than Bond Building for premium solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and durable.
Besides allowing the entry of natural light into a house, and its occupants views of its surroundings, glass doors and windows can provide energy saving solutions as well – especially when they are cladded with quality aluminium, like the ones distributed by Bond Building.
Established in 2005, Bond Building is a leading specialist in facade systems for both commercial buildings and private homes. Projects it has worked on include Grace Assembly of God on Tanglin Road, Central-Link on Jalan Kilang Barat and luxury residences in districts 9 and 10.
Bond Building’s commitment to providing bespoke window and door systems means it delivers only services and uses products that meet the quality standard of ISO 9001: 2008. To this end, it works only with the best suppliers. One of them is Reynaers Aluminium, a top aluminium cladding brand in Europe, which is also represented by Bond Building as its Singapore distributor.
Bond Building also provides architectural consultancy for the other brands that it represents, such as Trespa Meteon, Swisspearl and VMZINC – in addition to Reynaers. The company advises on conceptual design, architectural detailing, budgetary matters for tenders, as well as supply and installation of facade work.
Reynaers: Leader in aluminum doors and windows
Whether it is a door or a window system you are looking for, the products of Belgium-headquartered Reynaers combine both design and function.
Given the brand’s extensive experience of working with architectural aluminium and the wealth of technical expertise that has ensued, Reynaers is able to inject structural integrity into slim frames for its doors and windows. In fact, its window and door structures are slimmer than traditional UPVC and timber ones, yet much stronger.
This also means that the glass surface area of a Reynaers door or window is maximised, giving occupants unobstructed panoramic views. Therefore, the minimalistic design aesthetic of Reynaers’ products add to the sleek and elegant look of a home, while protecting it from the environment.
The superiority of aluminium

Because of its weight – only one-third that of steel, aluminium is a practical and obvious choice for most architects. Due to its durability, aluminium cladding can be added to old buildings without adding pressure on the existing structure. Aluminium cladding or aluminium-cladded structures will not disturb the internal stability of the building as it can be installed directly on to external walls.
Expansion and contractions due to changes in temperature are kept to a minimum when aluminium is used, making it the sensible choice for bi-fold doors, sliding doors and even floor-to-ceiling windows.
Thanks to its protective oxide coating, corrosion and rust will not affect aluminium, ensuring that aluminium cladding remain stable and last for many decades. It is also 100 per cent recyclable – making it an ideal material for those concerned about sustainability.
Aluminium also reduces the burden on air conditioning devices, as installed cladding provides a barrier to hot air entering a building or a house, keeping the inside temperature as cool as possible.
SlimPatio 68
One of Reynaers’ best-selling systems is the SlimPatio 68, a highly insulated sliding design with ultra slim profiles and a concealed frame. The clever design of this sliding system allows maximum natural light penetration and provides all-round, unhindered views. Integrated innovative technologies also guarantee the water-tightness, and wind- and thermal insulation of this system.
The SlimPatio 68 sliding system can also be customised for any contemporary space. Besides windows and doors, Reynaers Aluminium is also well-known in Europe for providing aluminium solutions for curtain walling, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories.
Visit the Bond Building showroom at 8 Jalan Kilang Barat #01-02 Central Link, 6558 7551, or check out its full range of services and products at bondbuild.com.sg.
(Main and featured image: A Good Class Bungalow in the Thomson district, courtesy of Bond Building)
This story appeared in the September 2021 issue of Prestige Singapore.
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