NEW E-COMMERCE PLATFORM FOR ART LOVERS has launched this month and showcases a wonderful selection of artworks by renowned local and international artists.

it was originally established in 1986 as a physical entity, at it has now been transformed into an e-commerce platform where art lovers can purchase their favourite pieces from a collection of over 1,000 works. can frame and ship purchases straight to your doorstep.

The digital platform features world-class photographers, painters and sculptors with more artists to be added. Under the photographers’ section, photography prints produced by global talent, including Baber Afzal, Greg Newington, Jassim Al-Awadhi and Lord Patrick Lichfield, can be purchased.

Also, when looking for sculptures, a variety of creations, from mosaic to 3D animal sculptures, Abdul Rahim Salem, Lau Siu Hong Freeman and others, are available. accepts VISA, MASTER or AMEX cards and delivers within 10 working days. 

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Icon, Reinterpreted: The Dior Medallion Chair through the hands of 17 artists

It’s never just about the clothes for Christian Dior. His magic lingered beyond his designs; lingered through 30 Avenue Montaigne from the ambience, the décor — all the way down to the Louis XVI-style chairs that seated guests at his atelier. This season, the chair is re-imagined and made personal, made artistic. Made present.
If you’ve ever wondered about the faceted oval etched onto the surface of Diorama and Diorissimo Eau de Parfum coffrets, it’s not merely a stylistic choice; it’s an emblematic one.
Harkening back to the ovoid backrests of the Louis XVI-style medallion chairs Christian Dior populated his showrooms with since the inception of his Maison, the shape is then, for all intents and purposes, as much a motif for Dior as the Cannage stitching; the Lady Dior; the CD initials.
This season, the medallion chair — a piece of furniture Dior once described as “sober, simple and above all classic and Parisian” in his memoirs — is rendered much, much less sober, simple or classic through the idiosyncratic interpretation of seventeen artists from Japan, to Italy by way of Korea, to Lebanon, to France.

Jinyeong Yeon of Seoul, for example, repurposed textured aluminium sheets you might otherwise see cross-hatched across factory floors for his interpretation of the medallion chair, a texture he previously used in his Ignored Patterns series from 2020.
Chinese architect Ma Yansong’s renditions are caught, it appears, in a wind tunnel following submersions in vats of polyurethane.
Joy de Rohan Chabot’s ethereal, fairy tale-like tribute morphs and twists in vines; in branches of gold; in petals dipped in brass.

Jingyeong Yeon © Sungmin Kim
Ma Yansong © Ken Ngan
Joy de Rohan Chabot © Marion Berrin

Interpretations of the Dior Medallion Chair were on display at Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2021 through 10 September. Click through for a walk-through of the stunning exhibition here and a run-down of all seventeen artists’ interpretations here.
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