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Top Slides You Can Wear on Vacation

Going on vacation is always so exciting. No matter if you’re going to the same place you have been going for years, or if you’re trying a new place, it’s always nice to get away and relax. 

Vacation can be exciting for more reasons than just being able to relax. Going away is always a great excuse to buy some new clothes for yourself. 

Different vacation destinations require different attires and it’s important to dress appropriately rather than just focusing on style. Thankfully for us, there are several brands available that give us both practical and cute clothes! 

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Here are some important things to know before you start planning your next getaway: 


Buying gear for camping is like nothing else. You can find everything you need and more! Oftentimes when shopping for this type of vacation, you find things that you didn’t even know you needed. While it can be loads of fun, finding the proper shoes and clothing is crucial and should have some serious aspect, as you’ll be needing protection from the elements. Even if you’re not staying in a tent, you will still want to be comfortable when you’re hiking or even just walking around. Sometimes when you’re hiking, you’d like to wear something other than boots so you can let your feet breathe. If that’s the case, then you’re in luck because there are some great brands and styles for outdoor warm weather shoes!

Here are some top recommended sandals to wear while enjoying the great outdoors:  

  • Chacos: This brand is one of the most popular brands available today. They’re great for most kinds of weather as they’re also waterproof. They have velcro straps to help secure them on your feet, as well as thick soles to protect your feet from sticks, rocks, and other things that could penetrate normal slides. 
  • Teva: More of an up-and-coming brand, these are a great outdoor shoe. They are similar to chacos, but they have more styles available and they’re also more cushioned. They’re known for their comfort, especially when they’re wet, their material doesn’t rub your feet uncomfortably. They’re also a good financial option, as they won’t break the bank. 
  • Birkenstocks: While these might not be the best for actual hiking, they’re great for walking around or hanging out by the campfire. Similarly to the other brands, they are protective, have thick soles and are great to wear when walking for long periods of time.  
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Since you’re not doing strenuous activities on the beach and the weather is hot, there are more options for sandals and slides. There are hundreds of styles and brands for beach shoes and you can even buy specialized ones for certain activities. 

Even though there are so many to choose from, there are some brands and styles that are better than others. These are two top brand recommendations in the two most popular slide materials; leather and rubber. 

  • Rainbows: A popular sandal among beachgoers are Rainbows. This leather shoe is perfect for the beach and was even designed by a surfer! It is a multilayered shoe, which helps it last longer and helps prevent the shoe from being punctured. Not only that, but also these shoes are reused and recycled, which helps reduce waste in landfills. So if you wear these, you can be stylish and eco-friendly. 
  • Freedom Moses: This is a great brand that will make you stand out on the beach. It’s unique vegan material is great for the beach, as it doesn’t become overheated like other rubber slides do. They also have a wide variety of colors available, such as basic khaki slides or fun, cheetah print ones available. Not only do they have many colors and patterns, they also have them for men, women, and children. 

Choosing which shoes to wear with an outfit can be difficult. The beauty of slides is their simplicity and versatility, which makes them much easier to match with an outfit. Remember, you want your feet to be comfortable and cool! Because you’ll be taking your shoes on and off frequently, being able to easily remove your shoes is essential. Remember, choosing an outfit is a personal choice, so don’t be afraid to show off your personality and get creative with your outfits!

textiles and sandals on wooden surface in daytime
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