Our Resort 2022 collection began with the idea of lightness. One’s clothes should not restrict your movement but fit in with your daily rhythms. Soft and light, they should provide comfort and ease and confidence. That is the sensation I wanted to bring into this season.

At times, when I’m working on a strictly tailored blazer or dress, it begin to feel a bit heavy in the hand.
So, I decided to mix elements of lightness and softness into structured construction.

Mixing athletic sports apparel with our studied tenets of texture, construction, and cutting to add a lightness to our artisan craft approach.

The beauty that I found from this collection was contrast of different elements. Random clashes of different items that has complete different purpose in life.

We took the body of a virgin wool suit jacket and attached the sleeves of a tracksuit to build a new attitude toward classic tailoring.

There are technical cycling tops and shorts, Windbreakers and running shoes, crafted with high functionality mixed with couture items crafted with hand smocking and embroidery.

These contrast of different elements brought freshness and playfulness.

This season, we wanted to focus more on sustainability in our production. From our European manufacturers we sourced high quality deadstock materials, then applied our craft techniques to try to reinvent them.
Organic silks and cottons feature throughout the collection, given a special wash to create a softer feel. So do recycled yarns, which were woven into a sailor twist knit top and topped with a waterproof film to create a fresh texture.

Still, we kept many of our signature Rokh details: oversize pale beige blazers, creatively sliced trench coats, and heritage checks of different shades, mixed and matched.
This collection is about bringing a new attitude to our clothing. Athletic and active, yet mixed with our love of heritage and craft, to bring ease and optimism into the Rokh woman’s life.

— Rok Hwang, Rokh

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