Another milestone in the adoption of cryptocurrencies is reached

Landmark sale at Sotheby’s Hong Kong sees first word-class 100-carat diamond sell to crypto-buyer: an anonymous buyer purchases exceptional 101.38-carat Pear-Shaped D Colour Flawless Diamond for HK$95.1m/US$12.3m.

This year, on the 9 of July another milestone was reached in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, when Sotheby’s set the highest price achieved for any jewellery or gemstone purchased with cryptocurrency. Indeed, the exceptional 101.38-carat pear-shaped D Flawless sold for HK$95.1 million / US$12.3 million to an anonymous private collector in a landmark single-lot auction. The diamond  is named “The Key 10138″ and it is the second largest pear-shaped diamond ever to appear on the public market – came from the world-leading diamond company Diacore.

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