Acne Paris Fashion Week Hommes FW2012


“We started the Autumn Winter ‘12 collection with the word ‘fake’ — when we
were researching fabrics we were bouncing the idea of imitation — materials
that pretend to be something they are not. Fake fur, vinyl, polyester. But that
was just a start. At the same time I was juggling with a friend’s struggle with
relationships. Love is a difficult animal for men— women are so much more
comfortable with that emotion, whereas guys carry it around as a physical
piece of uncertainty. The kid who has a heart full of love was never the coolest
guy at high school but he was the one who was always the most creative.
Love and its insecurities became the inspiration for this season’s prints. The
collection became something of an emotional collage. We worked with clashes
of unexpected combinations, both in silhouettes and materials. There’s a
combination of the traditional with the technical. Harris tweeds are contrasted
with furniture vinyl. British mohair contrasts with silk and fake fur. The
colours are muted and dark, punctuated by optimistic reds, blues and clean
white, a bit like the relationship of that high school kid.”
Jonny Johansson

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