Del Core presents Embers Bloom collection

Del Core presents Embers Bloom collection

I explore the world around me as an endless source of inspiration. Recently, on a hiking trip to the Gate of the Arctic in Alaska, I was struck by the power of fire in the wilderness.

Fire is often misunderstood, viewed only as a destructive force. However, as I walked through the deep fabric of moss and lichen and witnessed the regeneration set by the flames, I was reminded that beauty can arise from destruction. This experience ignited a fantastical exploration of transformation. As a lover of sci-fi, my mind was ablaze with the idea of mutation and the potential for new forms that emerge from the ashes.

Embers Bloom, this collection, was born from this experience, brought to life through the medium of fashion.

The centrepiece is Sunburst Lichen – Xanthoria Parietina – which I encountered on rocks above the Arctic Circle: a bright and vivid explosion of colour that looked as though it were still in the process of combusting. My imagination was sparked, and I began to envision a scientist in a lab who accidentally ignites a fire, leading to a process of mutation.

I worked with atelier means to craft all of this into fabrics. Garments are designed with layers that come undone and peel off, revealing new, evolutive shapes. Embroideries recall Sunburst Lichen; tree bark is fashioned into fabric. Sharp and shapely tailoring, and touches of surgical latex provide lab-like precision, while draping and sculpting hint at the glorification of femininity that underlines all of my work. Even platforms and heels are set on fire to mutate.

The exhibition is ultimately a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the beauty that blooms from the ashes of the norm. Del Core’s vision transcends traditional standards, showcasing the unique features that make us who we are, with a fiery passion that is, I hope, contagious.

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